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What is a Talisman?
A real Talisman is a rarity just as the spirits of the Metaphysical.  Many offer them but authentic
ones are hard to find.  Luckily Metaphysical Beginnings is an authentic source for everything
related including Real Talismans.

Anyways,  a Talisman is an item, pendant, stone or even a ring that is kept and usually worn on
the body.  A highly charged and highly magickal Metaphysical item that brings about very rare
abilities and influences.  They can even be created with spiritual influences and with spirits
bound to them.  

From the most ancient of history to the present, Talisman have been used for their
'enhancements' by most cultures and religions. The word itself in Arabic is tilasm and in Greek
it's talein.  Both have the same meaning which is "initiation into the mysteries."

Often times the owner of a Talisman will give their piece special qualities. It's expected that
when one takes hold of a Talisman, they become it's keeper.  It becomes their responsibility. It's
common in some cultures for their Talisman to be dual natured. Bringing about the peace in one
half and anger on the next.

With each talisman is incredibly special while ancient rites charge the piece and have multiple
benefits and purposes.  These benefits will continue to charge and release those benefits for as
long as the piece is cared for by the owner.

Metaphysical Beginning's Talisman contain only the purest and the most positive of energies
sources. These sources range from Astral, to Magickal, to Spiritual.  

Magickal systems of all types are supported and Spiritual type of all kinds can be used. This
means that one can have aTalisman of a Vampire nature which can be used to influence others
or a Talisman of a Djinn nature that is used to grant wishes. So on and so forth.  

All of our Talisman are created using a base of Cosmic energy which isn't practiced anywhere
else. This Cosmic Energy is so sacred and so intense that other workers simply couldn't handle

When our pieces are charged and created using Magick or Spirits, they are empowered to
connect with the owner and begin to work in their best interests. The longer that the piece is
used and kept, the more powerful that they become.

We offer a wide range of Talisman pieces and our selection will continue to evolve over time.
Our pieces are not like others found on the Internet as they are created with the MOST powerful
of means.  Others are created using methods found on the Internet which equals a very weak

If you want the best, you have found it here at Metaphysical Beginnings.