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What is an Altar?
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What is an Altar?

An altar is a sanctified location that one would normally create within your home.  
It can of course be placed in your garden(open-air shrine) or other special place.   
One can create an altar wherever you want to develop a special, meaningful place
to meditate, pray or to address your spirits.

The history of the altar is extensive and has been a part of human tradition for
thousands of years in most religions circles. Judaism, Islam, Christianity,
Hinduism and Buddhism are just a few religions who have used altars to assist in
worship, communicating and healing. Individuals for thousands of years have
constructed altars in their homes to honor passed loved ones, ancestors, to
connect to the Divine, to mourn a loss, to heal, and to connect with one spirits.

Many early altars were in open-air altars, also known as shrines in some circles,
often located in high places so that they would be nearer to the heavens. Modern
followers of the Metaphysical may also set up altars outdoors, or they may
temporarily sanctify a location for use of an altar. These altars will hold various
objects which are used in various practices, such as candles, salt, bread, herbs,
bowls, or a ritual knife.
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