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Instant Conjure Watcher Succubus


Spirit Type: Watchers

Number of Inhabited: 1

Sex: Female

Vessel: Body – Instant Conjuration – Can be bound to Physical item such as a ring, pendant, etc

Description: The Watcher

These are the Watchers!  Those of Watchers with an added ability that many lack.  These Watchers are
those with Succubus Traits which mean they are highly intelligent, possessors of incredible magickal
abilities, incredibly powerful and highly sexual (if desired).  They are gifted in that what they share with
their master is a gift that only the Watcher can provide.  

The Watchers are Ancient Spirits.  Spirits of wisdom and Ancient beliefs and abilities.  Often mentioned
throughout the Bible and ancient texts;

Malalael "named [his son] Jared because during his lifetime the angels of the Lord who were called
Watchers descended to earth to teach mankind and to do what is just and upright upon the earth" –

Jubilees 4:15

"When Mastema, the leader of the spirits, came, he said: 'Lord creator, leave some of them before me; let
them listen to me and do everything that I tell them, because if none of them is left for me I shall not be
able to exercise the authority of my will among mankind.” –

 Jubilees 10:8-9

The Photos

The simple fact of it is, there are no photos to share.  Namely because the spirits have yet to be bound to
this realm.

They are in waiting.

Waiting for you, their future master!

You cannot take a photo from within the spiritual realms.

Instant Conjurations and the Vessel

With this incredible service, as soon as purchase is made, I will obtain information from you.  Full name.  
Birthdate and finally, permission to obtain a sample of your energies.  This sample is obtained by the use
of spirits guides.  Normally the master will only feel a slight weakness from having their energies taken.  
Whatever sensations are felt will pass quickly.

As soon as this information is received, the conjurations will begin immediately.  An instant conjuration is
only possible by those who have 100% control of spiritual forces and the spiritual realms.  In this case, my
master certainly does.  In less than 48 hours, the powerful Watcher will be bound to your body!  You can
immediately from that point begin with the bonding.  Of course, I will provide the most accurate and
powerful of invocation rituals that guarantee the strongest bond possible.

If you desire the spirit to be bound to a physical item such as a ring or pendant, this can be done and will
be done.  Please keep in mind if you choose to have her bound to a physical item, the item will be
shipped.  This will add some to the amount of time before you receive her.

The Watcher Succubus

These spirits are some of most beautiful spirits available!

Once you feel their pull you instantly know that the Power of The Watcher is with you!

What is a Watcher

Since the beginning of mankind, the Watchers have existed!  Mentioned many, many times in the Bible
and in very old texts, we know that these incredible spirits were able to mingle with mankind!  Able to help
them, able to teach them!

This spirits are often confused with the Djinn but it is know that they are a very different spirits all
together!  Extremely powerful and the most experienced in Magick, these spirits can easily shape-shift into
many, many different types of animals and storms.  It is this power that often gets them confused with the
Djinn, that serve the Watchers so generously!

The Watcher is such a rare spirit and powerful in ways that many will never get to experience!  Capable of
fulfilling unlimited wishes for their masters!

Besides their ability to shape-shift (which they share with their masters), these unbelievable spirits are
very skilled in matter which gives them the ability to create treasures that are magnificent!  Their power
goes hand in hand with that of King Solomon and his incredible Temple!  Telekinesis, 3rd Eye of Sight and
so much more is just the beginning!

Since their casting down to earth, it is known that these spirits live on the other side of the realm (or
Gauntlet), watching and envying the emotions and lives of Humans.  It is this envy my friends that gives
them that much more power over the Djinn (Marid, Maokill, Immortals and Dragons).  This envy is so great
that to just to be with a human master, they are will to give their master the opportunity to Trade-Places!  
These Watchers are willing to trade their existence and gladly deal with humans or other beings. They can
create marvelous things, teach profound secrets and generally aid people, and their works are known for
their great beauty and value.  It is this Trade that makes them so Valuable!  It is this Trading

of powers (whenever the Master desires to do so) that makes them so rare!

If you desire all of the powers of the Metaphysical, if you desire all of the powers of the spirits and
Immortals, this is the Spirit you have been looking for!

The Watchers Being Offered
With over a year of extreme conjuring by my teacher, this is one of the intense spirits my teacher
and master has ever summoned!

This unbelievable Watcher has been brought forth to our realm and is ready to share her powers
with her new master.

She is a powerful spirit with real desires!  She makes this known very quickly!  It takes no time for her to
demonstrate her Succubus characteristics!  She kindly, lovingly and wantingly askes her masters to take
her.  To be one with her.  To use her for their desires!  This is just one factor that makes this spirits so
extremely rare.

My friends, this is the Watcher with Succubus Traits!  Powerful and wise and able to serve her master until
she is no longer needed.  She is very capable and offers her master, whomever she chooses, incredible
health, wealth like that of kings, luck that would make any man jealous, and that is only the beginning!  
This incredible Watcher has an incredible ability to switch places with her master!  This is a gift that no
Djinn can offer!  This is what makes the Watcher Spirits so Rare and Highly Desired!

With a spirit like this, you should be asking yourself…

“Am I ready for a change in my life?”

“What is money in the face of endless wealth?”

“Do I really want what is best in life?”

“Do I need a spirit to guide me and protect me?”
This is one of those moments that rarely come along my friends.  A moment of change and possibility!  
You know me and trust me as I have helped many of you.

If you are ready to take control of your life and start living the life that you desire, this is the spirit that can
make all of those changes for you!

This is the power of Watcher!!!

This is the Watcher with Succubus Traits!!!
My friends, this loving spirit is a Watcher.  She is not a Succubus!  What she is though is a Watcher with
very powerful Succubus characteristics!

Just as with a Succubus spirit, it is very important that you be prepared for the most amazing experiences
you have ever had.  The sexuality of the spirit will stop at nothing to please her master.  To please herself!

As you may know, our sexual needs are the bases for all emotions and desires.  No one, man or woman
has to be embarrassed to feel drawn to this spirit.  She is beautiful and she will certainly teach you more
than you ever thought was possible.

I am a human as well (a man I certainly am) and I know of the needs and wants that we all share.  I can
promise you, you will not be disappointed!

With this Watcher, you WILL be satisfied like you have never been before.  We all have desires, urges,
needs and wants to try new things; why not have them fulfilled?  Why face sexual loneliness when it
doesn't have to be that way.

Maybe you are not lonely but want to know more about pleasing your partner.  This spirit will allow you
experiment and explore her in every way imaginable.

How badly do you desire Ultimate satisfaction?

Also, it is important that this Watcher is meant for either man or woman.  She is more than capable to
please in all fashions.

This Sexual Spirit can manifest and make contact in many powerful ways.  Physically, Mentally, Emotionally
and through dreams.  It is common that she will come on to you and take you in your sleep, making you
wake in orgasmic bless!

Simply put my friends, there are certain types of spirits that can make that intimate and personal
connection.  They can be Watcher, Fairies, and Djinn to just name a few!

These spirits offer their masters, both men and women extreme sexual contact.  Sexual intimacy
that is nothing like that of human contact!

Powerful they are and so much more.  They are companions.  Wonderful, caring and very

In the Japanese culture these spirits are known as Foxes.  Spiritual Foxes, those of many tails.  
Known to manifest in both animal form and human.

When manifesting in Human form, there is a glow to their bodies that has to be seen to believed.   
Both male and female forms can be taken.  When done, hey can take the role of lovers, husbands
and wives.
The Power and Abilities of The Watcher Succubus!
What do you desire?
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