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Often times I am approached by those who are interested in having a spell casted upon them
or others and a common (and understandable) question that many ask is this;
“How do I know if the spell has been performed.”  
Very fair question indeed.

As for knowing if the spell has been casted please allow me to ask you a question; have you
ever had a spell casted for you before?  If not it can be difficult to know unless you know what to
look for.  

It can be very difficult to determine whether someone is under a spell or not, because there is
an infinite variety of spells in existence and each witch has his/her own techniques for spell

Some spells may bring about sudden, unexpected and unexplainable changes in someone's
life. There are some spells that cause easily noticeable effects like falling in love with a perfect
stranger, having a series of incredibly good or bad lucks, having unusual dreams or visions...
However, most spells are subtler than that and the people on which they are cast will probably
never notice any event strange enough to bring the question "am I under a spell ?"

The best way to check if a spell was cast is divination. There are hundreds of ways to practice
divination; you may use a tarot reading, a pendulum, a ouijà board, a scrying mirror, a crystal
ball, fire scrying, runes, etc.

If you are not comfortable practicing divination yourself or don't know how to proceed, you may
ask a trustworthy witch, medium or fortune-teller to do it for you (if you rely on someone else's
readings, don't forget to ask the practitioner to focus the divination on the events that you
suspect were caused by a spell).

Remember that even with skilled divination and a thorough investigation of the events that
seem to be supernaturally influenced, sometimes it is impossible to be certain that a spell was
or was not involved. Witchcraft is a subtle art, and understanding a spell without getting
information directly from the caster is complicated.

Also you can do meditation to find out if there is a spell on you and this method is especially
powerful for those who are qualified at this skill.

If anyone has a question for me, please let me know.  I’m happy to assist you further.