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The Vampire:
Vampires are amongst some of the most popular spirits being conjured as of late.  There are
some very good reasons for this.  These spirits are powerful.  They are darker natured which
means they will do all that the master asks, even harming others.
These spirits are known as impression spirits.  They are masters of influence and enjoy
spreading their thoughts on to the minds of others.  

Just as with most spirits, there are multiple types of Vampire.  The Balkan, Sanguine, Psy,
Carpathian and etc.  Each class of Vampire offers a certain area of abilities that the others do
not.  They do enjoy a common area of abilities that is common amongst all Vampires.
These areas of common ground are youth, strength, influence, physic abilities and so on.  

As mentioned above, there is a darker nature to the Vampire and this isn’t a negative factor.  
These spirits are willing and able to go to all lengths to please their master.  Angels on the other
hand will only work in the areas of light and positivity; as an example.
While the mythology of the Vampire has existed for hundreds of years, as with all  things, that
mythology is based on fact.  In many cases, the truth is twisted in the form of fiction and movies.
To this day, Vampires do exist, just as they did hundreds of years ago.
As the years have passed, these Ancient spirits have become more accustomed the likes of
man.  Their understanding of mankind has greatly enhanced and for their human masters, this
equals incredible benefits and blessings.
Incredible gifts of Strength, Magick abilities and so much more.
While some Vampire spirits being offered today contain great power, they are not able to share
these gifts with their masters.  This is not the case with the Master Collection that I am offering.
Through the ancient conjuration process, the Instincts, the Abilities, the Strengths and the powers
of the Vampire are given to their masters.
Each that will hold these spirits will gain their abilities.
If you have any questions concerning the Vampire please let me know.