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::  Valpa Demon of Desire
The Valpa Demon
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Haunted : Valpa Demon EXTREMELY RARE Dark Spirit Demon of Desire


Below you will learn of a very powerful Demon.  Follow your Instincts and your heart.  Those
that this spirit wishes to be his master will feel his connection and pull.
This is the Metaphysical my friends.  Metaphysical Beginnings.
The True Metaphysical.

Valpa Demons

These rare Demons known as the Valpa are some of the most powerful and most forgotten of
the Demonic kingdom.

Rarely are they conjured as it simply takes so much time.

Each of them is the result of 6 months or more of auditing, conjuring and then binding.
The likes of them haven’t been seen or experience here amongst this realm for a very long
time and it will be a very long time before they are again.

-Please know that my master and I have begun another Valpa Conjuration but it is still
months away from being completed.-


Normally throughout a life time, one or two of the Valpa will be encountered.  The reason for
this is their rarity.  Simply put, the methods used to communicate with them have been all but
forgotten.  The methods to conjure them are all but forgotten as well.
Conjurations of the Valpa are similar to the Leviathan in that they take so much time and they
involve going deep within the spiritual realms in search for them.
99% of most conjurers won’t do this.
They can’t do it.
Simple as that.


Of course through the abilities and the skills of my master these methods live on.  They have
been passed down to me and now I am passing them down to my students.  I of course have
spent the last 25 years learning of these skills and it will take many more to master them.  

Often one will ask how is a Valpa different than say a Leviathan Demon and the answer is
easy enough.

•        While equally rare, the Valpa are conjured less than the Leviathan due to their
energies being so incredibly high.  Most conjurers simply can prevent the master from
becoming overwhelmed and drive essentially mad. –My master is able to do this and it has
been done here.

•        The Valpa are also 2x as powerful in most normal situations.

•        Their natures/attitudes are also completely different.  In general they are darker
natured but their attitudes aren’t as intense.  For many this allows an easier bonding period
with a more capable Demon.

•        Manifestation are varied to each spirit.  They do not have a common manifestation.

The Valpa are known commonly as ‘Sa`di’ Demons as are demons of desire and creation.  
Sa`di means fortunate.

Those that master the Valpa are the Fortunate ones as they are master Demons that most of
the world will never be able to understand or even comprehend.

They are that powerful.

This Valpa is known as the Demon of Desire and the spirit is known for providing the master
with endless blessings.  Blessings of all sizes and greatness.
The spirit is over 20,312 years old and was conjured using ancients means of Chaos and
Dark Magick (just like the Leviathan).  Even forms of elemental magick were involved along
with some selected others than shouldn’t be mentioned.

The Valpa are powerful and they can assist their masters in all aspects of their lives.  From
taking control of your finances to the creation of wealth.  Even the development of
relationships and the influence upon others.

Through the Demon of Desire once can channel his vast energies and powers.  You will
know if you are meant to be his master.  He will make it known to you!
His powers and abilities are great my friends.  Beyond comprehension.

The Master of the Demon of Desire should be prepared to see lots of unknown shadows,
random flickers of light, orbs, hot/cold flashes and breezes.


Yes my friends, the price is rather high for this spirit and as most of you know, I work with
my clients to achieve the spirits they desire.


The Additionals : The Legion

When an Vilpa Demon is conjured correctly, they are not alone.  Each of them bring along
with them additional Demons.  A Legion of Demons.
This is where the Valpa pull their energy from…
For each Valpa, there is a Legion of Demons that follow and they pull from this legion their
own energy. For this masters this is an important aspect as they don’t experience any
personal draining.
Together with the Valpa and the Additionals, all areas of your life can be enjoyed and

Blessings to you all.

The Ring

This my friends is a very special vessel and it was selected by my master and I to house this
amazing spirit.  If you decide that you would like for this spirit to be bound to your body,
please let me know.  It can be done.
My Friends, welcome to the Award Winning Metaphysical Beginnings!

Below you will be introduced to the Valpa Demon.  

Powerful Dark Spirit of incredible abilities!
When viewing these pictures take time to study each one carefully.  
These Djinn have manifested in a way that they desire and may speak
directly to you in a number of emotional ways.  For each of you viewing,
the experiences had will be different.
The Power and Abilities of The Valpa Demon!
What do you desire?
::  The Valpa
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Valpa Demon
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Valpa Demon
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