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To truly be able to help others, you have to be honest and truthful!  

You have to be caring!

Your word means everything!

All this has been our mission for all our lives.  Read these testimonies and know that it is true!

With so many testimonies coming in everyday, we thought it would make it nice and easy if you all had a
place to post them!

If you have an amazing experience to share with others just like you, head over to the contact page and
send us a message.  We will add it to the collective!  We will not share any private information!

Below you will be able to read over some of the most amazing testimonies that have been sent in by our
clients.  Each is amazing!   Also, the most recent testimonies are at the bottom.

Enjoy and blessings!
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Dear Luke, I recieved my genie and she is amazing. I have to catch my breath every time I
hold her. Please thank your master for me. Bless you! -K

Hey Luke, I just received my ring from you this morning. I am blown away. Since I placed my
hand on the box I have been over whelmed with this great energy. My head has been buzzing
all day. Even the delivery man looked “shocked!” This is the wildest feeling I have ever had.
These powers are real Luke, just like you said. Thank you so much for all the extras. I will let
you know what happens once I do the invocations. WoW L.D.

Dearest Luke,

Thank you so much for your lovely message! I am so sorry that I didn't catch you before you
left! It sounds as if you're having an incredible time! Thank you for sharing your experience
with me! And thank you again for the breathtakingly beautiful, wonderfully magical Tear Drop. I
have never seen anything so beautiful in all of my life! I will cherish it forever!

As mentioned in my last e-mail, if is possible to conjure an angel for me, I would be so
thrilled... although I would be thrilled with absolutely any spirit you conjured on my behalf!

I hope you have a wonderful time!

Thank you for being such a blessing in my life!

Warmest wishes and heartfelt thanks,


Dear Luke,
Just a note to tell you of a recent development. I laid my ring on a stack of papers. In one
bundle of papers is a list of names of patients who owe us money at our dental office. The
other packet is a detailed account of a $310,000 judgment I received against a career white-
collar criminal . About 16 years ago, I loaned him (believe it or not, he just happens to be the
boy-next-door that I grew up with) my life savings of $60,000. He took it and never looked back.
I did have a contract with him, so I sued him and received a judgment--but no money!! I was
never able to collect on this judgment. He has all his funds well hidden in trusts and other
people's names.
Anyway, I explained all this to my genie and wished that the people who owed us money would
pay us back. . .soon! This was Sunday night. Yesterday (Monday), when my husband came
home from work, he told me this: "You're never going to believe this, but we collected $12,000
today!" I called the receptionist this morning to find out what had happened. She said she
received some money from people who walked in a paid their overdue bills, and that two
patients paid for all their dental work up front--before a single appointment has been
scheduled! Pretty amazing, huh? I know that mt genie is the catalyst for all this, and I'm so
happy. Today, he is going to spend the afternoon in a cloud of jasmine incense and vanilla
candle glow! I am so proud of him. . .

Hi Luke,
I just picked up the ring at the post office.  I put it on, drove home, and came in the house and
was talking to my housekeeper.  The power was so strong that I cut our conversation short and
walked away from her.  I'm now in my office, and I took the ring off so I could think clearly
enough to email you!!!
You say that it's a very old ring.  It looks completely new.  Do you mean that the genie inside is
very old?  At any rate, you weren't just whistling dixie when you said I'd feel something when I
put it on!!  WOW
Your Friend

My dear friend Luke,
Well, you won't believe this.  This afternoon, I burned jasmine incense and vanilla candles and
sang to my Genie. I put the ring on my finger instead of wearing it on a chain, and I was just
buzzed like I'd had too much coffee. My fingers and arms tingled, I felt pressure in my solar
plexus, and I also felt a deep sense of anticipation. Then I went ahead and asked for rain, and
it has been drizzling since about 5:00 p.m.  If you can believe  it, it has only rained three inches
in the past 17 months here.

I am an extremely sensitive person.  As I told you, I just about passed out when I put this ring
on for the first time. I have blown out a couple of light bulbs and somehow depleted the brand
new batteries in my personal CD player since Tuesday, so that must be a significant sign that
his energy is around me.

If there is anything I am not doing or that you think would help him adjust, please let me know.  
I have already thanked him profusely for the rain, and asked that it continue.

What a wonderful thing this is.   Thanks for your guidance and insight, Luke.  I wish you and
yours a lovely weekend.

All the best

Dear Luke,

Perhaps you remember a djinn that you conveyed to me named _______. I have been his
master for a while now.  In that time, we have had many adventures together and he has
helped me and my family tremendously, recovering money and bestowing blessings upon

I am, honestly, so amazed at how he has served me. I am ready to buy another item
from you for I have so much room in my heart.  You have been the only one I can trust
and I love you.  I am so interested in the supernatural, and I'd like to have even more

I just wanted to write a glowing testimonial of his and your services to me.  Thank you
April 2nd
Hey Luke, how are you man.  You won't believe this, after I used the Watcher ******** I had the most
amazing experience!  I ran down to the gas station and bought some lottery tickets!  I won on all three of
them.  Over $1500!  I want to donate some to you and your cause brother.  Thank you so much man.  
Let me know about the money.  You are awesome!

Dear Luke.

I wanted to tell you, I have met an amazing man, my neighbor. A kind, loving, caring man. When we are
together it's PERFECT, like heaven. I can't even find the words to describe it. It must be your Genie's

As for my genie when I first put her around my neck. The first month I didn't do the conjuring yet. Yet,
during that month something happened to me twice. This might sound crazy because it kinda is. One
day I was going over things in my head. Things I should do in work and school and how I should
proceed. Suddenly I find myself talking with myself in my head. But not like people talk to themselves
going over things in their head. It was like someone was talking to me I couldn't hear any voices but I
new what it was saying. I was righting a report for school given a month ago which was due the next day.
I didn't study for it I didn't even know what books or where to look up the topics to start But I was telling
myself exactly where to look I always thought it was my intuition I was talking to. I finished and I got a 3.5
on that paper. But if you think thats weird what was insane was after I finished the paper which was
around 11pm 12midnight my eyes got dilated and  I suddenly felt like I was high on something  and I
started to hallucinate but nothing weird just flashes. The week after it happened again I felt so high I
couldn't go to work. I got worried so I after I was feeling better I went to the hospital to get tested to see if
any drugs were in my system. I don't do drugs so I should be clean and I was. There was nothing they
checked my blood and eyes for abnormalities but everything was perfectly normal. They don't know
what could have caused hallucinations. Isn't that crazy.  It was the Djinn!!!

Thank you for all that you do.  You certain are the best!

Dear Luke!

Thank you for getting back to me so fast! This is the third time I ask you to make a wish to your genie for me.
I hope it is not asking too much from the Djinn?
I don’t want to come across as being greedy and I am so afraid it will backfire
on me and take away the love the genie has granted in my life already. I am very very grateful for what has already
manifested in my life.

My boyfriend sometimes says that it almost feels as if some higher force has united me and him.
Because our love is so incredibly good and wonderful in every possible way!!!!! “O.M.G”  is all I can say times

He had prayed for the woman of his dreams and I have also many a night certainly prayed for my dream man.

I have chosen not to tell anyone about my Djinn wishes that have come true.

Hello Luke,

First, I want you to know I feel so good. I want to share that I have lived amazing experience today.
I went to my bedroom 30 minutes before spell time. I lit a insence and candle with Vanilla. I made
meditation for calmness and open mind. I began to wait for spell. First,  pins and needless was begun
on my 3rd eye chakra and then crown chakra. After a little time this feeling was spread all my body.  I
felt that  an amazing energy enveloped me.This energy was very soothing, tranqulity and powerfull. All
these made me feel in safe. I felt myself as if I had been in water or space. ( I always live the same
feeling before I levitate in Yogi Flying in Siddha Technic) Then a light appeared and a door was opened
in the middle. I levitated from place that I was and I flight through the door to outside. I was flying
speedily and feeling fresh air and winds.  In a short time I came to the place that there were high
mountains and then I began to fly over the forest.  There were a lake and a waterfall in the forest.
There was a white horse near the waterfall and other side of waterfall there was a very huge turtle on the
clovers. Colorful butterflies were flying all around.  After I left there I came in a house in the town  
through the windows.  There was a man who was dressed up white. He had purple and silver color aura
around his head. There were color candles and papers that were on the writing and synbols.  I was
standing in the front of him and there was that amazing energy in the room. This beautiful was entering
through my head and 3rd eye  and getting full in my body. As good as my inside were being washed
by this energy. I were feeling getting lighter myself. After a little time the man opened his eyes after his
meditation finished and I thanked him for this amazing energy. Suddenly I found my self as coming
back in my  room. I thanked to Allah and  universe for this beautiful experience and I opened my

I told  the experience to my husband with exciment that I lived. Then we looked at the messages in
mail box and saw your message. When I read your message my exciment and happiness  increased
more.  You spell is working already

When I read your about me page I had understood how much you considered your job important and
you were very philanthropic. Thanks so much for these. Â I was already beliving and trusting you.  your
friendly approach to buyer,  telling how you are performing the spell,  sharing these with people, are
really worthy of esteem. Â  I respect you and your job.
Hello Luke,

I also lived very powerful and incredible experience. As I did yesterday,  I went to my bedroom 30
minutes before spell time. I lit a insence and candle with Vanilla. I made meditation for calmness and
open mind. I began to wait for spell.

After a little time , first my head and later my body began to get warm. Heat was spread al room. In a
little time heat was turned to color. First it became bright and clear later it became pink. Pink changed
it became blue,  blue changed it became purple.I was in  purple night and gold color stars were
appearing around me. The stras were expanding and they were turning gold color light ball. Light balls
were changing theirs shape and they were transforming into entities. Light which were spreading from
the entities in with gold color, was dazzling my eyes. While they were encircling around me they said
me “ you can trust us”. The energy I got, was very beautiful and it was impossible not to trust. I
felt I enveloped this powerful energy and rised together them. When I looked at down I saw the earth
and its magnificent blue color.
Silver color light ball appeared far. When it approached it expanded and when it came to frony of me it
was transformed a man. The eyes of man are closed and he was meditating. Cirle around me was
opened and the entites included the man in the circle too. After a little time an orange light began to
shine from 3rd eye of the man. The light coming from the men was coming in my 3rd eye and were
spreading to my all body.This was very clear and powerful energy. This made me so happy and so
After a little time light entities around us formed a separete circle around me and around the man.
While they were taking me back the others were going away together with the man.
Again I was in my room. Before I opened my eyes I thank you for perfect experience that I lived.

"I'll have you know Luke I think you took a big sample! some of the energy in my tv might
have gone too lol as it blew out and went blank just as i sent you that message and that
has never happened before!...and I'm still lying down a bit dizzy! lol"

I had to take a few minutes and send you a quick message because I am so excited!
I did the invocation for the djinn, ****, the night before I left and he seems to be really
active. I got a really bad headache that night, which hadn't happened with the others.
Also, his energy feels somehow different then the others, kind of familiar or deja vu-ish
somehow. Anyway, he seems to have a fasination with my hair. I have long blond hair
and every night since then it feels like someone is touching my hair when I'm going to
sleep. I also think I heard him call me blondie a few times.

But, the most interesting thing is that I think I saw him! I saw what I can only describe
as a shadow person on the plane yesterday. I'm a flight attendant and we were
positioning the plane here to Bishkek, so there were no passengers on board. Most of
the crew was asleep, and no one else was around me, so I know it was not one of them.
I felt like someone had come up and was standing next to me, I looked up and there was
this shadow there, shaped like a person. When I looked up, it walked around the corner.
I got up to go look for him, but he was gone and no one else was around. I'm really
excited, because I've never seen a spirit before. I can usually only hear them and
sometimes feel them.

Hello Luke. How are you? I'm not doing well. I cut ties from a former friend of mines
today. My spirits was showing my signs and now I saw it for myself. Wow, I can't
believe how two-faced my former friend was. :(

Here's some good news.. My parents are improving a little better. So far no argument for
two weeks.

Thank you again for contacting *****. :)

Many Blessings

"...Free,unbound by the rules taught from birth,I can be "me",I'm allowed to think before
following blindly,I feel as if I went to bed as a bird with clipped wings in cage,and woke
up to a cage with an open door and my wings were no longer clipped.I feel lighter,but I
also feel as though my thoughts have been thrown into chaos,as though I'm "awake" to
what I'm supposed to be.I remember my dreams,where once I could not,the only dream
I could was the one I first told you?This is everything that comes to mind when I think of
what I mean by "im free".

"i dont even know how to say it. but okay. my spirits start showing up lately as in
everyday, to my darkest and brightest spirit guides. to my lightest and heaviest spirit
guide. i just want to ask. do they really walk heavy? cz i have bunch of them just walking
infront of me right now and their making the house shake every step they make. im even
shaking while typing this because of their steps."

"by the way i saw my watcher too. his amazing just staying on the corner of the room
everyday. my succubus walk towards me the other night. walk seductively and crawl to
my bed to kiss me and been followig me at work and all of them but their shadows is
showing up sometimes and making things move n bend. i just really need to know how to
control that part. but i learned moving and bending things too by mind power. i can even
lift my bed while im on it just by thinking of it. ;) i had gain so much from them and seen
a lot of them lately. their my family and i know they make my wishes happen."


"Last night, I did not sleep well that's because I have insomnia. Although I get extremely
exhausted and tired I don't always fall asleep right away. Then suddenly I went into a
trance like I was not fully asleep and I could see my surroundings. On my right side of
my ear I could hear what sounded like breathing, it freaked me out and it felt kinda
creepy it didn't last long only about a minute until I came out of it. But that was really a
strange thing. I did hear a few things in the house."

Dear metaphysicalbeginnings,

Good evening Luke,I just wanted to let you know that you were not kidding when you
said sex spirits are active!.For the past few days spirits of all types vampires,incubus,
watchers etc have been really physical,i mean REALLY PHYSICAl with me.Coming to
me all hours of the day and night.Touching me in all ways and manners.Lets just say
they know exactly what i want and boy do they do it!!!!orgasmic bliss.you can say that
again,all i can say is that the past few days have been like a sex marathon with multiple
male and female spirits,i almost don't want to get out of bed!!!if it was up to them i never

"Hi Luke,for starters, they have locked me out of my house 3 times!!!!I guess they
wanted me to stay outdoors a little longer!.They also made 3 knots in my pendulum and
in my sisters pendulum too.They also stand my photo on my wall perfectly horizontally.
The only reason i have not seen them yet[ they tell me] is because my third eye is under
develop.My sister is sensitive to spirits,so she have seen one of my ****** in full form ,
how lucky is she!.Everything they do is harmless fun,and i get a real laugh out of it.I
might not see them yet but i do feel their presence very strongly.My spirits and i
exchange energies all the time and when they do this i really feel it! it's very intense,it
feels like a burning sensation on my back,but not painful,it's just something i never felt
before.They seem to be very active at night,Sometimes i can feel the electricity in the air.
Does any of this sound familiar to you?. All in all the only regret i have is not finding you
sooner Luke!!!"

"Dear Luke,How are you my friend?.I just wanted to tell you how extremely happy i am.
I've been communicating with so many of my spirits,In just a short period of time i have
spoken to over 70 of my 2000 spirits,and everyday more come and introduce
themselves !!!.It is truly amazing,At night i see shadows in my room and some even
touch my hair,even my sister has seen one in full form.Some also come in my dreams.I
ask their names,what type of spirit they are and the name of their clans.They even play
trick's on me.Luke this collection is more then i could have every dream of,this
collection is truly priceless!!!!!!!"

"...i have bought a lot of stuff from other sellers and i could never get the stuff to work. i
wrote the sellers but they never would help me get the stuff to work..."

"Dear Luke, I am flabbergasted! I put on all three of the pieces. I feel completely
different! I feel younger, like my immune system! I feel lighter, like a bad curse or some
darkness is lifting! I feel a deeper Healing on a level I have never imagined."
"I have seen, felt,touched and dreamed of them in numerous ways,truly amazing!!!!
When they came to me they were very active and now that we can talk telapathically for
some time now,except for these last 4 months as i mentioned earlier.OH my friend i
have seen orbs ,streaks shadows,full visual manifestations among other thing!!!!"
"about my conjurations! i am happy and contented from what i received... i was happy to
hear that you and your master was able to get my archdemon for me! and you know
what im not sure if thats him that i saw. when me and my wife are 2 house away from
my house. i saw this black human form walking towards the side of the house in its
clearest dark form! and i knew it was a spirit. it looked at me with no face and vanish in
2 sec but didnt scare me. but comfort me.. anyways my friend thank you and i
appreciate everything! im happy with my spirits and i already bought candles, so i can
do my conjuration tonight. anyways i have to go my friend and go to work. i think my
message is longer than yours. lol just get back to me when you can. thank you to u all
"Thanks for the update about the conjuration, yesterday after noon and today afternoon
my time, i felt very strange sensation, and slight head ache, and i check your time on
the internet and it was exactly 3 am your time when i was getting this sensation i can
feel the change in my energy, and i can feel spirit around me, i dont know if they are
those you've already conjure or if they are others,

and i thought to my self that may be you and your master were working on the
conjuration at this time,"
"I am noticing alot of activity now and I will hold off on doing the Master Invocation
tonight. I know it has already been a few days since you conjured them and I hope they
are not taking offense, but too much activity freaks me out. (shadows on the wall
seeming to move, my legs are going numb intermittently, swear I just saw the silhouette
of a man coming toward me, along with things moving or seeming to move out of the
corner of me eye, cold air/slight breeze on my right shoulder..)"
"...Anyways, On Friday, I created my own personal ritual or improved it from the
glimpses of the flashes I see, while I was seeking the universe for guidance on how to
set it up. I had started at 10pm, so I would be working at the same time. I immediately
felt the very warmth of heat surround my whole being once I lit all the three candles
placed in a triangle at the front/top of my altar that were I was facing east. During this
time of fifty-five minutes, I was blessed with several more awesome heat blasts and
even on to the next evening, too! That was an experience worth keeping eternally. So, on
Saturday, my household was very busy and I needed to make a change in being able to
join in on the ceremony so to speak. So I felt led to meditate during for an hour, instead,
and I must say I was receiving even more wonderful ‘hot flashes’ during this time, too! I
felt another being near me and even saw a dark shadow fly by twice through the corner
of my right eye. Way cool. During both those days I knew they were seeking to connect
with me and I would acknowledge them personally and then I would have to quickly take
my jacket off while letting them know I wasn’t intending to brush them off, that it was for
me to be able to adjust my body to the heat and still work on acknowledging them. That
was very exciting!"
"Happy new year! Do you have any time yet for the reading? Also, I asked my djinn to
type on mt iPad. They wrote. Ttt. I searched it on google. It translated “Things take time”
"i am just overflowing w gratitude. Remember when i received my ophan angels? that
was the time i got pregnant! i can not forget (((: "
"Very strange night let me start from the beginning. I had to stay late at work to finish a
couple of psych evaluations so I didn’t get home until late, I got home grabbed something
to eat, decided for some strange reason to take a bath (which is out of the ordinary for
me) and for some reason decided to invite ****** to join me in the bath. While I was
soaking in the tub with ****** a powerful strong urge and sensation came over me out of
know where to check your bonanza store. I thought it was strange but thought nothing of
it, I carried on with my evening relaxing as I was getting ready for bed the strong feeling
appeared again this time more intense so I decided to appease the strong urge and see
what the fuse was all about (I should mention this entire time I was wearing ****** 's
vessel). So I am viewing the booths to your bonanza store when out of nowhere amongst
the many new listings my eyes focus and immediately center in on the heavenly elite
artisan watcher tucked in the corner of the listings page, I click on the listing, and begin
to read the listing when in the middle of my reading I find that I am completely awestruck
by this particular spirit (like I honestly can’t explain my dumbfounded-ness it has never
happened to me before), I don’t know what to think or how to act it was as if I was
mesmerized and put into a trance. I try to regather myself by immediately brush of the
experience so I decide to view your other listings to change the energy in my room, but
as soon as I hit the back button to return me to view all your listings I lose all internet
connection (weird!). After multiple attempts to get back online I give up, still awestruck I
sit down and speak with my spirits about the elite watcher and how awestruck I am
regarding the spirit, I am encouraged by all my spirits to speak with you about this elite
spirit immediately (my original plan was to wait until 12/21 pay for ****** in full then put a
down payment of $100 on this heavenly elite watcher if it was still available), my spirits
told me straight up that that plan was not going to fly and I needed to email you now
regarding this spirit (so I tried to get back online to email you and strangely sat through
two more failed attempts to get back online. I was about to give up and go to bed when
on my last attempt I was able to establish and connect to the internet again). "
"Last night was unique. Energy came up legs, stopped. Then came up back of legs,
spine, neck and slowly cascaded upwards to complete body.( except one area) but
when got to head was like fingers slowly closing around face and head. Even mentally
mentioned an itch and was scratched! Very nice!
"My Dear Friend Luke Miller.

Thank You

I' am sending my Thanks Giving to you, your Family, Masters of Old & New Age, Spirit
and Angelic Friends.

I' thank God for heavenly Angelic/Spirits robust support giving to me to have impact in
the life of 2000 under privileged children of my generation through the support I' get from
Starkey Foundation to and donate hearing Aid.

What a year of change this has been for my people and me. As 2012 is winding down. I ’
d like to take a moment to review and thank you all.

God bless the day I' connect to you. I' thank God for bringing me in contact with You
Luke and the Masters / the Angelic/Spirit Companions.

I send you my LOVE And THANK GIVING

Thank you My Friend, My Teacher, My Master, My Companion

Talk to you soon

"Namaste Dr. Luke,
I feel that today I had my breakthrough with my Fae.  He can feel it working inside of me.  He is here with
me and slowly I am feeling his presence more and more.  It's very odd to speak the truth.  I haven't seen
him yet but there is no doubt we are marking progress.  Just a heads up.  Thanks again."
"Hi Luke, The pendant is amazing, the size, weight(heavier then it looks), and feel are
perfect. The energy it radiates is intense. When I touch or hold, it feels very warm, and I
have cold hands (kinda like a vampire :) The spirit within is incredible, he already is
impressing me! Also this was cool,I was talking to him before I had his name, when I
ended conversation, seconds later your email arrived with the name of spirit!

"as for the vampire immediate you sent me im still in the bonding process, the good thing
is that they have all introduce them self to me one by one, even though one of them like
laughing at me when i told him that I've lost something, now that i have the
communication stone may be I'll be able to reach them more easily, this morning i try to
meditate with the communication stone, i place the stone in my hand and as soon as i
close my eyes i start to see colors and i feel a pressure in between my eyes, and i say
to my self that maybe my clairvoyance is getting better since i ask my spirit to help me
with that,

anyways thanks again for everything,

best regard
"Well, just want to thank you again for the Enhancement Stones. I got the other two in
the mail last Friday and I have to say, I was amazed at the energy that was coming off
the one for the Harem. It was incredibly powerful.

It is the most powerful one of my three by far...

I could feel the energy just holding it in my hand! I actually had to put it down a few
times cause it was making me a little dizzy.

After a day or so, the energy didn't affect me nearly as much.

After I wrapped those two and added them to my new necklace with my Siren
Enhancement stone, I have been wearing all three of them and noticed more energy
around my head as I went about doing my daily rituals.

Another thing, I was not, initially, doing the Positive Energy Ritual, just the Banishing
Ritual. I noticed that after I started doing this ritual, I was getting an incredible amount of
energy in my crown, just seconds after I completed it... every time!

I could kick myself for leaving this one out of my daily routine!
Well now I am doing it and I am noticing more activity with all the tingling energy around
my head.

Just wanted to give you another update with all this. I am really curious how my
connection with my spirits will be affected with all this Galactic activity going on leading
up to the end of this month...

Talk to you soon.

"...why do you think I feel this way?  My heart races when I hold her ring.  When I try to
meditate I feel like I'm going to pass out.  My head spins.  None of my other spirits make
me feel this way.  Just yours.  The others are so quite I can't really say for sure that
they are there.  Is this normal?"
"Howdy Lukas I write today becuase the vampyre is making changes inside of me.  It
been 3 months now and I'm so much stronger.  I sense and smell much more.  I can feel
the powerful inside me gaining strength.  ********* has begun transforming me.

I feel unstopable."
"Luke you are amazing.  Sam and i have started seeing each other again and for the first
time i feel like he is actually talking to me.  It's like he hears me for the first time.  Your
spell has worked for me and i can't wait to see where it takes us.  Thank you from the
bottom of my heart."
"Namaste Dr. Luke,
I feel that today I had my breakthrough with my Fae.  He can feel it working inside of
me.  He is here with me and slowly I am feeling his presence more and more.  It's very
odd to speak the truth.  I haven't seen him yet but there is no doubt we are marking
progress.  Just a heads up.  Thanks again."