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How does a Talisman Work?
The answer for this question is always different depending on the Talisman in question.  Here at
Metaphysical Beginnings, each is created using forgotten levels of Cosmic Energy.  That is the
common base. From that point each Talisman is different.  Their purposes are different and the
benefits they release will be different.  

Some will use magick as the next layer.
Some will use spirits.
Some may use magick and spirits.
Some may use Soul Fragments and so on.

As you can see, there are an endless amount of different possibilities for creation and benefit.

A Talisman can be created for any area or reason.  Ranging from finding love, to having wishes
granted, to connection with the Astral Planes, to psychic development, and so on.

When we create a Talisman for our clients we do so very carefully and very specifically. If the
Talisman is going to include Magickal attributes a Master Magi is used for this element.  If there
is going to be Spiritual attributes, a Master Conjurer is used. If the piece is to include both, then
both will be used in conjunction with each other.

This is an aspect that really separates us from others.  Everything we do is done in tandem so
that every aspect flows in harmony. This allows your Talisman to be both Magickal and Spiritual
without one or the other blocking the benefits.  

Our pieces are the most powerful available due to our 100 years worth of combined experience
and our use of the forgotten methods. Our pieces are capable of more than just good luck.  So
much more than that!  Our Talisman are capable of life-changing power!