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Spiritual Sex :

Most of my clients are very much familiar with sexual relations and all of the
joys (and sometimes pain) that comes with such a intimate interaction.  
Below we will building upon sexual relationships with alternative types of
interaction; some of which you may not have ever heard of before.
This article is written for the mature audience.

For such an article one must build upon something that is familiar.  
Something concrete.  For the sake of this article we are speaking of
physical contact between two partners.  This intimate interaction is of
course known as sexual intercourse and as you know, there are many
different methods of this type of relations.

Naturally sex is a vastly important part of human nature and never should
anyone be ashamed of their desires; even their darkest and most peculiar.  
While the majority of us have engaged in such activity before there are
other methods of sexual interaction that are much less common but often
times much more intimate and even pleasurable.  We begin with the Dream
State Sexual interaction.

Dream State

This is one of the more common secondary aspects of sex that many of us
are familiar with.  It’s fun.  It’s safe and you often times can reach
incredible levels of pleasure.  This is especially true once you can gain
control of your actions within this state of consciousness.  When one is in a
Dream State and with some practice you can enter an altered Dream State
known as Lucid Dreaming.  It is in this stage that you are able to control
your actions and the world around you just as if you were awake.
Engaging in Dream State sexual encounters can be extremely hot and
intense and through Lucid dreaming it can become even more powerful.

Astral Projection Sexual Encounters

For this sexual encounter to take place there must be two willing
participants.  Human or Spiritual.  It also helps that both partners be
efficient in Astral Projection.  This method can and will take practice (as
with most things in life) as both parties need to be astrally projecting at the
same time not to mention be in the same plane.  They must also meet at
the same point in time.
It sounds like a lot of work and the truth is, it is but the rewards are worth
the labor.   

Before beginning make sure that all parties understand the time, the place
and so on.  It’s best that the individual who is best at Astral Projection lead
the way and guide the interaction.
This method can be extremely fun and lead to some very clean and safe
sexual encounters.  Enjoy.

Astral Strangers

Amongst the spiritual realms are many, many different types of spirits and
many of them desire sexual energies more than anything.  Males, females,
spirits of all types.  While using Astral Projection one can focus their
attention to finding a stranger to engage in sexual intercourse with.  This
method is rarer as it does take more knowledge and experience to control
but once one is efficient; the world of sexual exploration is theirs!
With this method it is important to enjoy your interaction alone.  Meaning if
you don’t wish for them to follow you back to your realm, it’s best that you
make it clear what you are seeking.  Amongst these sexual spirits, a
onetime thing is absolutely acceptable but it is recommended that you
make your intentions known prior to beginning.

With all the methods mentioned above, they are all very safe and can be
extremely fun for both male and female individuals.  One wouldn’t often
consider orgasmic bliss from such methods but it is entirely possible;
possible with a little practice (sometimes a lot of practice), patience and
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