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Over the course of the last few months, the subject of how spirits manifest has become quite a hot subject
within the Metaphysical world.  While there is a lot of truth out there, there is also a equally great amount of
twisted truth and myth being spread around and read by those who are seeking real information.

With this guide, you we will be separating Fact from Fiction.  I would like to thank a reader for the
inspiration to write this guide.


To begin, it is very important to understand that these spirits are incredibly powerful.  To insinuate that
these spirits (Djinn, Angels, etc) are anything but is extremely incorrect and very disrespectful to the spirits
that we love so dearly.

I begin this guide with this namely because there are a number of sellers who currently state that Djinn,
Angels and so on do not manifest openly and do not do so on command.  This is simply incorrect and in
most cases, these sellers are trying to justify why the so-called spirits they offer show no signs of spiritual

If you think about it, why would a seller state that these spirits can not or will not manifest?  Are they saying
that their items are weak or even powerless?  Certainly something that needs to be considered when
reviewing a sellers items.  You can ask yourself, what are they trying to hide.

Over the course of years, all sellers within in the Metaphysical Community have been attacked on one front
or another.  Some have been attacked by those who do not believe in the Metaphysical and some have
been attacked by other sellers who are trying to influence clients.

I too have been attacked as well but take it as a blessing.  It allows me to share with you all these attacks in
a way to make a powerful point.  It allows us to look at the reasons of these attacks and to separate Fact
from Fiction.  Below you will find a email that I sent out to a reader just a few days ago.  It sums up
everything very nicely and puts everything in perspective for those who are seeking the truth when it comes
to Spirit Manifestations.  

To set the stage for this letter, a reader wrote in with concerns to what was being said by other sellers.  His
email is as follows...

i was wondering how you manage to get your djinn spirits etc to manifest upon demand. i have yet to see
other djinn sellers displaying levitating rings etc as often as you do on your listings. someone has even
referred to you as the levitation king. other djinn sellers on ebay say that REAL djinn spirits, rarely manifest
upon demand, yet on your listings there is no shortage of floating rings, light displays etc. i'm curious how
do you manage to display such spectacular manifestations so often on your listings. perhaps digital
enhanced editing software, photo shop, strings etc. i was told to be very cautious of buying djinn items etc
from djinn sellers who overdo the manifestations, as real djinn, spirits hardly ever manifest upon demand as
they seem to do for you all the time. the implication being that, this is a tell tale sign of someone selling
bogus djinn spirits etc. what is you reply?

Here is my response to this very important email.

Good morning *********,

It is good to talk with you again.  I hope life has been treating you nicely since we last spoke.

I appreciate you writing in regards to what is being said by some very unscrupulous sellers.  I too have
seen what is written and it is troubling that a certain seller(s) would go to such lengths to slander other
sellers.  It really is a shame but also contests to the type of seller this person is, or these people are.

It really is interesting how the times have changed.  At one point in time, there were not many sellers in the
metaphysical community.  This is essentially true in the Western World.  The Metaphysical movement has
really come on strong and it is such a blessing to see the benefits come to all walks of life.  Simply amazing.

As the Metaphysical community has grown, sellers have changed.  Groups have come and gone, some
have stayed but are not proudly announcing themselves as they once did.  Some sellers have come and
gone as well.  Just a few years back, many sellers would demonstrate their spirit’s abilities just as I do today.

Since that time many sellers have begun to become lazy or dilatory.

Instead of allowing their spirits to demonstrate what they wish to, many sellers just take simple pictures of
their jewellery.  In most cases, these sellers are now focused on selling as many items as they possibly
can.  There is a certain seller that loves to slander other sellers who literally has for sell hundreds of items
at a time.  This person has a Ebay store (who recently lost their powerseller status due to their behaviour),
their own web site, their own auction site, and other sites in which they sell.  It is sellers like this who attack
other sellers trying to influence clients.  If you take a look at what this/these seller(s) offer(s), their listings
are nothing more than a few short words and a simple picture.  Some sellers do not include the picture of
the jewellery, but a beautiful picture they found on the net.  Times certainly have changed.

As for the claims made against me by these devious sellers, it is very clear what is happening.  Again, a
reason why at least one of these sellers has lost their powerseller status on ebay.  These sellers have to
attack those who do not match what they are doing.  You have these sellers who mass list hundreds of
items at a time and then again, you have a small handful of sellers, like myself who only list a few spirits
each month.  Sellers who take time to fully describe their spirits and not only that, but allow the spirits to
manifest and show what they please.  Naturally, these shady sellers who mass list are going to attack and
slander the honest sellers who are offering real services and spirits.

So when I am called the ‘levitation king’ I take that with honor.  That simply shows that I am offering
something that not many others are.  To have claims that I use strings (I love the invisible string
comment…haha…Have you ever seen this stuff?  It isn’t actually invisible!) or photoshop is a real testament
to what I offer.   There are always going to be those who attack those who are different.  Those who are
effecting their business.  That is essentially what is happening.

To set the record straight, you mentioned that some sellers say that REAL Djinn rarely manifest upon
command.  That is complete nonsense!  If you are selling bogus items, that is what you would say.  You
would have to come up with a reason to justify why your items are not doing anything, not showing
themselves, not giving their masters what they desire.  You would have to say this to explain why your
clients are not experiencing their spirits.

Let me inform you on what real spirits are capable of.  If you think about it, isn’t that claim that spirits do not
manifest seem silly?  Does that statement really make sense?  Certainly not!  We are talking about
POWERFUL Spirits!  Powerful!  Powerful enough to grant wishes, alter lives, heal the sick and so much
more.  You do not think these spirits are powerful enough to manifest?  If they will grant these wishes for
their masters, would they not manifest in one form or another?  If you think about this you will know what I
am saying is true.  Real spirits will do as the master asks (there are rules of course, depending on the

When I am taking photographs of my spirits, I do not demand that they do anything.  I simply ask them to
show what they feel comfortable with.  To show what they want their future master to see.  Simple as that.  
What you see at least with what I offer, simply put, is real.  There is no nonsense.  There are no fuzzy,
blurry pictures.  That is only a fraction of what real spirits can do.

So again, for these sellers to be making claims against sellers like myself (and of course, myself), it really
shows the level of frustration that they are at.  The level of desperation that has taken hold of them.  They
are clearly hurting and trying to influence clients.  I have received emails from one of these sellers not long
ago.  She mentioned her world was crumbling apart.  That is simply what is happening and that is the
reasoning behind these attacks (I have kept all of these emails by the way).  It really is sad seeing these
sellers stoop to such a level.  Many of these sellers I respected, long ago, before they began their attacks
upon the entire community.  These sellers used to stand for something but have become greedy.

It makes me wonder if they were even legit.

So thank you ******** for your time and for reading all of this.  I have always enjoyed hearing what other
sellers are saying.  It is amazing at the level of nonsense that they will try to inflict on possible clients.  All in
all, it is easy to see through their nonsense and the truth is, it is seen through.  This is why I continue to be
successful (and sellers like myself) and have the standing within the community that we do.

My friend, I wish you a wonderful day.

Blessings to you and of course, to those sellers as well.

Luke – Onstar28607


So after reviewing some of the claims being made by others, it is clear to see there is a great deal of
misinformation going around on the net today.  For those who are seeking truth and knowledge it can be
hard to come by information that you can take to heart.

The two letters that I shown above really paint the portrait of what is real and what is not.

The abilities of such spirits are incredible.  They hold with them the power and abilities to do so much for so
little.  The power to change our lives, to communicate with us and to interact with us.  

Below are some prime examples of actual experiences from my clients.  These are all real and the only time
are they altered is to give them privacy (names of clients, names of spirits, etc).  These are experiences
that apparently are not happening with what other sellers are offering!


Hi Luke:

Luke, I  didn't tell you all that happened, or what I think happened.

Yes, I did perform the invocation.  However, it was midnight not 3am.

There is a reason I did it at midnight.

The ring arrived 2 days before I was to leave for a 5 day business trip.  Since I did not know what to expect
I decided not to take the ring with me or perform the invocation until my return.

I left the ring in the small envelope that I received it in and kept it my shirt pocket during the day and on the
side of my bed at nighttime.

I hesitated to tell you about this since I am not sure what I am about to tell you really happened or was just
a dream.

I sleep with a night light on in my room and cover myself with a very light weight sheet. The 2nd night after
receiving the ring, just before midnight I woke up laying on my stomach, head turned to my side, and
noticed what seemed to be either a small white cloud or white smoke near the side of my bed. It was moving
towards my legs. I was somewhat nervous and did not look down toward my legs.  After a few moments I felt
a light weight (pressure) on both of my legs from my knees down.  I said to myself, 'it must be him'.  I just
laid there perfectly still not knowing what to do.  After several seconds, there was a strange feeling or
warmest that I felt in my groin and buttock area.  It seemed to last only a short time.   It worried me, but I
remembered your email saying not to be afraid. I kept saying to myself that I was awake and all what was
happening  wasn't a dream.

I kept looking at the clock on the side of my bed wondering what would happen next.  It was now a few
minutes after midnight. I continued to lay there nervously to look down at my legs.  After a few more
minutes I started to relax and thought maybe I could fall asleep even though the light pressure was still on
my legs.  It was than I  got  startled when I felt a pressure on the side of the bed near my ankle. The
pressure on the bed was strong enough that it actually pulled the sheet near my ankle.  It was as if
something/someone small had stepped over me on the bed. It only lasted a few seconds. My heart rate
went up since I just wasn't sure what would happen next. My eyes must of been the size of dish saucers.

Nothing did happened, however  I still felt  the light pressure on my legs.

Several minutes passed, it was about 8 minutes after  midnight when I decided that I needed to do
something.   There was a little bit of resistance but my legs overcame it and they moved free.  The pressure
let up and was gone.  I than looked down and saw nothing there.

I got up and used the bathroom, returned to bed and fell asleep.



Thank you for writing back to me.

Your note said he is very powerful. What can I expect from this kind of entity?

To get a better night sleep I did put the ring in a recharging box.  However, that evening within 5 minutes of
my turning off the light he was back in bed with me.

Is there a way I can control what is happening here, getting him to come to me when I call him rather than
him always being there?

(Special Note: Incubus and Sexual Spirits are desiring and will come on to you until they learn of what you
desire and how you desire it!)

You are right, the fact of him being a small animal could be what I want to see in my subconscious since I
most likely would be frightened if he was in human form.

thanks for your input.



dear luke,

i cant believe what ive seen. It hasn’t been long since I received **** *** & I didn’t think we had enough time
to bound. She was with me in sleeping quarters last night.  She do not touch me yet I seen her though. The
most beauty I ever seen. She spoke and it warmed me. She says be back again soon. I awake all night
after that.  Couldn’t sleep, to happy.

Thank you sir.

This is amazings.


My friends, that is just the beginning of what has been shared with me by my clients and friends.  I could
literally write a novel with all of the incredible responses that I have received within this year alone!

As you can see friends, real spirits can manifest in a multitude of forms.  They can manifest in full human
form, rays of light, smoke and so much more.  Animal form is not unheard of as well.

Especially during the beginning of the bond between a master and spirit, the spirit can be a bit
temperamental.  They may not show often or show what you would expect.  As it is known to be true, as the
bond continues and the connect between master and spirit become stronger, these amazing spirits will
become extremely active.  

Many of my clients have had to ask of their spirits to decrease in their activity as there is a fear of someone
finding out their secret blessing!  

This is the power that real spirits give to their masters.

Also it is important to note that while many spirits will manifest in a way that is comforting to their masters,
there are so spirits who only have one form and one form only in which they manifest.  It is important to
remember that all spirits are different.  Just as humans are different.  They think differently, they behave

Simply amazing isn't it?

You can see within my listings the power that real spirits offer.  It is great and they are powerful!  I will be
happy to share more photos if you all are interested.  Let me know and I will create a second for Spiritual
Manifestation Photos.  I have received many photos from my clients and together with mine it would be a
lovely gallery.

I hope that you all have enjoyed this guide.  I will certainly be adding to it in the future.  If you have a
question that would fit into this category I would love to include it with this guide.  Please send me a email or
use the form below to ask your questions.

My friends, blessings to all of my readers!
Copyright © 2013 Onstar28607. All rights reserved.
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