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The power and abilities of the Djinn is Limitless!  Each incredible spirit
has something every special that they offer their master.  Each hold a
special ability that makes them so rare!
Custom Conjured
Below, you will see a great bit of information about these spirits!  There
are many different types of Djinn, ranging in age to strength.  Before
you purchase a spirit, you should learn as much about them as
Djinn Book of Truth
If anyone needs any help or assistance with a Djinn or any other type
of spirit, please feel free to contact me.  I help everyone, customers or
not, friends and strangers.  I look forward to talking with you all.
Many blessings!
Information on the Djinn
There are a lot of myths concerning these powerful spirits.  Anyone that has searched for information on
these spirits knows that to find a quality source is almost impossible.  That is why it has been such an
honor to share with you all REAL information on these spirits.  www.metaphysicalbeginnnings.com and
www.onstar28607.com is the NUMBER 1 SOURCE of REAL Spirits and REAL Information.  Enjoy!  
Invocations:  All spirits need an Invocation ritual to bind them to the master!  This is a must!  Some
sellers try to say that they have been done already and this simple is not true or possible.  

Multiple Spirit Invocation: This is a separate Invocation that Must be done when more than one spirit is
to be bound to the master.  THIS IS A MUST!  The younger inexperienced sellers claim this is not true
and it is their customers that come to me for help.  This Invocation simply allows the spirits to share in
the masters bond.  
Releasing a Djinn:  There are a great number of myths surrounding this topic as well.  Anyone that
suggests that a spirit can be released by Salt, Metal, Water or cleaning supplies is simply flat wrong.  In
most cases this is said so they are not held responsible when their spirits do not "work."  This is just a
myth good friends and you do not have to worry about taking a shower or touching your doorknob.  This
is purely myth!

Also, it has also been said by some sellers who rely on myth instead of fact, that these spirits must be
released by a professional (if the master desires this of course).  This is purely false information my
friends as to release a spirit is one of the easiest, most personal rituals that one can do.  If anyone
desires to release their spirit please let me know as I am certainly here to help.
Origin of the Djinn:  Known by a number of different names including; Dgen, Dscgin, Genie, Ginn,
Jann, Jinn, Junun, Djinn and others, these spirits are said to be created (according to Koranic tradition)
of the fire, or to have fire in their veins instead of blood.  In other regions of the world, it is said that they
were crafted of air and were created 2,000 years before man.

Types of Djinn: There are several different types of Djinn including...

  • The Marid who are very few in number and the most powerful of all Djinn
  • The Ifrit or Afreet are more common and tend to be harder to control because of their youngness
  • The Shaitan are masters of illusion and through myth have been pegged as being evil.  Sellers
    that do not know of them first make the same claims.  These are very loyal and kind spirits...
    Powerful as well
  • The Ghul or Ghoul is another type of Djinn that myth has pegged wrongly.  These spirits have a
    very generous side and when treated with respect grant the master amazing things!  
  • This is of course the most common of Djinn.  There are many other separate types of Djinn all with
    their own abilities.  A great example of this is the Abkian Djinn!
Manifestations:  Everyone new to the world of the Djinn want to know what a Djinn looks like.  This is
one of the most amazing experiences.  To see a Djinn is incredible and it can be scary and/or startling
at first.  It is known that the Djinn are not of this physical world, but of the spiritual world.  They are also
illusionists and can manifest in any form and travel any where instantly.

Djinn usually appear in a form that is both pleasing and comforting to the master.  They some times
manifest in forms of beautiful women or handsome men.  Some show themselves in more stereotypical
form, as Arabian riding a camel.  Your Djinn will of course show him/her self differently than he/she has
for someone else.  It is important to know that not all Djinn will manifest visually.  Each Spirit is Different
with each master.
Abilities of the Djinn:  Wow, now this is certainly a very exciting subject!  It would be easier to answer,
"What can't they do?"   Of course, with each type of Djinn comes a very special ability.  Each Spirit has
something special about them that no other Spirit offers or can do as well.  Also, each class of spirits is
different in terms of strengths and effectiveness.  

In general, even the weakest form of Djinn, the
Jann, can grant amazing blessings.  

Every Djinn is capable of granting Unlimited Wishes, providing Protection, True Love and lots more.  
The only limit in most cases to the Djinn's power is the Master him/her self.  These incredible spirits can
make such an unbelievable change to every aspect to ones life.  If you desire a change or need
direction the Djinn certainly can provide this!  

The Question is, what do you desire?

Wealth, Health, Love, Truth, knowledge, Lust, abilities to See Into the Future, Good Luck, and so much
more.  Like I said my friends, the possibilities are limitless.  
Why the Djinn want to Serve us:  The Djinn are from another realm.  They are from another realm.  
They are very powerful but they are not from this world that we know.  Basically, it is a trade off.  We
give them the chance to experience this world, to experience the beauty and all that we take for granted
every day.  They in exchange, share their incredible powers with us.  They give us the ability to make life
what we want it to be.  The better our lives are, the happier we are, the better the experience it is for

This goes hand in hand with these powerful spirits being loyal to their masters!  Anyone with a bond to a
Djinn will tell you that they are great friends and will help guide you in right direction.  To think of them
any less is to disrespect them greatly!
Classifying their Abilities and Strengths:  The system of Classifying these spirits is based on the
different types of Djinn.  I have been told by many of different sellers classification systems and some
are quite silly and false.  In reality, the system that is most true comes from the different types of Djinn,
not from a class system.  Some mention distance in relation to their types and strengths and this is very

The natural classification system, like I said is based on the different types of Djinn.  Here are the
Classes and the their strengths in order from Strongest to Weakest...

  • The Marid who are the most powerful and will offer the most to the master!
  • The Ghul or Ghoul are the second most powerful of all the Djinn.  Their abilities in creation are
    extreme...their generosity is like no other.
  • The Shaitan are the 3rd most power of the Djinn.  These spirits are masters of Illusion and can
    offer incredible blessings to their masters.
  • The Ifrit or Afreet while not as strong as the Shaitan, these Djinn are still very skilled and can
    offer their masters many gifts and blessings.  While not on the same scale of effectiveness as the
    Marid or Ghul, they can still be used for guidance and more.
  • It is most agreed that the Jann are the weakest of all the Djinn.  With this being so, they make
    great spirits for those who want to step into the would of the Djinn slowly.  They can grant
    unlimited wishes but on a much smaller scale.
  • There are of course, rarer and equally powerful types of Djinn that are not listed here.  
    These are the most common, even though they are extremely rare.
Important to all that are Searching:  There are many sellers of spirits and the Metaphysical.  Many
sellers are pure of heart and can be trusted.  Then there are some that are not.  It is important to trust
your feelings and intuition.

Some Sellers offer conjured spirits and while this is 100% possible, you must know that one CAN NOT
SELL THE SAME SPIRIT TWICE!  This is impossible!

Follow your hearts and enjoy the world of the Metaphysical, the world of the Supernatural!
Many blessings!
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Exquisite Collection
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