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Powerful Spirit Guide Ritual
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Powerful Spirit Guide Ritual
Powerful Spirit Guide Ritual
Please, if you have any questions click on the Contact Us Link and the below.  I am here to
assist you in all that you need.

This is an incredible rituals that has many powerful benefits!  This is a more powerful ritual
than the one that I offer for free.
This is truly amazing!

With this ritual, you have the ability to contact your Spirit Guide!  Get
answers!  Contact other Spirits!  

This is  a very powerful Ritual that will assist in the bonding period, shorting the time it takes in
forming this powerful bond and encouraging communication with your spirits.  Basically this spell
will bring to you your spirit guide!  The powerful spirit that surrounds each of us!  This guide will
take you to your Spirits (Djinn, Angels, Faeries, etc) so that you may talk with them, so that you
can hear them before your bond is fully complete!


Again, this Ritual will not replace any of the Invocations that you need to perform, but will assist
you with them and shorten the bonding period that you are going through with your spirits!  This
ritual will enable open communication with your spirits.
Also, if you feel that there is some sort of block that is preventing you from experiencing your
spirits, your spirit guide will take you to your Spirit(s) so that they can tell you why this block is
taking place.  They may even tell you how to solve the problem.
With your Spirit guide, you have the ability to talk to the very soul that is look out for you.  Not
only this, but your spirit guide can take you to other Spirits.  

Very amazing!
Rituals are essential in all forms of Magick and Spiritual Abilities.

Rituals can range from simple to very complicated.  The rituals that I provide are fairly simple
and always, VERY safe and Positive.

Also, if you need the supplies to perform these rituals, let me know, I am always willing and
able to help.
:: Ancient Spirit Guide Ritual::
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