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The Spirit Care Guide Book:

This guide is being written for all of you that want to know how to take proper care of your spirits!  Maybe
you have a new Spirit in your collection or just want to know how to care for your existing spirits.  

This guide will be updated over time with suggestions and tips.  If you would like to ask a question please
contact me and let me know.

1. :: The single most important aspect for any spirit is respect!  This goes hand in hand with caring for
your collection of valuable items.

At no time should you ever disrespect a spirit, even if the results are not what you thought they would
be.  It is easy to get disgruntled during the bonding period but this time of connection and bond forming
must take place.  The easiest way to negatively affect your bond is through disrespect!

2. :: Remember to give your spirits time and gifts (offerings).

Think respect when giving to your spirits.  Think about things that you would enjoy!  Such as flowers, a
special scent of candle or incense.  Take your spirits for a walk in a beautiful location.  When you go to
bed, place them in a nice location.  Maybe close to a window so they can enjoy the moonlight or if during
the day, a nice sunny location!

When giving food or drink as an offering, remember that spirits do not actually eat or drink.  This is an
offering of respect and giving on your part.  Wine and cheese are fantastic and I offer this often.  Think
respect and it will be given back to you.

The most important offering is of course time.  Personal time with each spirit.  Keep your spirit with you
while you go out.   Talk with them and give them your time and energy.  This will greatly speed up the
bonding period.

3. :: Remember your Invocations!  This is a must and probably the most over looked.  When you
receive a spirit, you have to do the invocation!  The spirit will remain inactive without it and no bonding
will be formed!

Some sellers may tell you the spirit is active already and this may be true....but not with you!  The spirit
will still be bound to the previous master!   If there isn't a previous master then the spirit is just inactive!

You MUST do the Invocation YOURSELF!!!

If no Invocation was provided demand one!  All legit sellers offer Invocations.  Most supply them and
some will charge extra.  Just be careful and ask ahead before you to make sure you are getting
everything you need.  

If you need an Invocation for your spirits, you can find them under the Invocation and Ritual section of
this site!

4. :: Can you clean the vessel?  

Yes, you certainly can!  No harm comes from using soap and water or some sort of cleaner.  It is just a
myth that your spirit will be released by touching certain elements.

5. :: What should I be feeling or experiencing?

Good question!  Each spirit is drastically different than the next!  You may feel extremely energies, have
headaches and other sensations.  You may feel nothing at all depending on your sensitivity level.  After
the invocation is complete you are in the bonding period and this can take time.  The feelings and
energies of the spirit will become stronger with each passing day and week!  If you are not feeling
anything give it time.  Some spirits are shyer that others!

Just because they are not doing what you want them to doesn't mean they are not there!  Remember
that and be respectful.

6. :: I have done the Invocation ritual but have felt nothing.  Should I be worried?

No my friends, not at all!  As I mentioned above, the spirit can be shy and time and respect is most
important.  You may not feel them immediately, but you will in time!

I will be adding more to this in time!  Enjoy!
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