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There are many different types of spells.  There is White, Grey and Black Magick.  White Magick
spells are only for the greater good.  Safe and harm-free.  Grey Magick Spells are a free for all so
to speak.  They can go either way.  And then there is Black Magick Spells.  These are dark
performing Spells that cause harm to others to achieve the result that you desire.  

When it comes to having spells performed on your behalf it is important to consider all of your
options.  When a spell can be casted in White Magick is should be done.  The positive route is
always the best to take.

Of course, there are times when a darker form of magick is needed.  An example of this would be
matters of the heart.  There are times when your feelings of love for another is so powerful that
only a dark spell can handle the situation.  Maybe the person you love is with another and you
need to end that relationship.  Grey and Black magick is to be used here.

If you have any questions concerning spells and magick, please let me know.