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Being one of the world’s experts on cults, the occult and the
supernatural, you can imagine all of the experiences one like myself
has had.  In the 20+ years of working with the Metaphysical and
individuals like yourself, I have been hired hundreds of times to assist
with ‘hauntings’ and spiritual possessions.  In each of these cases, with
the spirits that I have pulled from these individuals and families, I have
kept them.

Each evil spirit is bound to a Soul Absorber Stone for eternity.  Many of
you may be wondering, why not simply release them?   I never release
any evil spirit that I have personally captured!  EVER!  First off, I would
not want the spirit to return or to find another to torment.  I wouldn’t
banish it to another realm with the possibility of an inexperienced
conjurer summoning it.  I choose to bind them to Soul Absorber Stones
for eternity as that is the safest route to take with truly evil spirits.

What is before you is truly Rare.
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