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Demonic Soul Stone :

Being one of the world’s experts on cults, the occult and the supernatural, you can imagine all of
the experiences one like myself has had.  In the 20+ years of working with the Metaphysical and
individuals like yourself, I have been hired hundreds of times to assist with ‘hauntings’ and
spiritual possessions.  In each of these cases, with the spirits that I have pulled from these
individuals and families, I have kept them.

Each evil spirit bound to a Soul Absorber Stone for eternity.  Many of you may be wondering, why
not simply release them?   I never release any evil spirit that I have personally captured.  First off,
I wouldn’t want the spirit to return or to find another to torment.  I wouldn’t banish it to another
realm with the possibility of an experienced conjurer summoning it.  I choose to bind them to Soul
Absorber Stones for eternity as that is the safest route to take with truly evil spirits.

Some may be wondering, why not destroy them and the answer is rather simple.  It isn’t my place
to destroy anything.  Even these evil spirits were created just as you and I were.  One day it will
be judged and that decision will not be made by me.  Another reason that I keep them within the
Soul Stone is because they make truly amazing pieces of history and the energy behind them
can manifest in truly bizarre ways.  More on  that later though.  

Of the hundreds of Banishings that I have personally done for my clients, I have kept these
souvenirs and only now am I truly ready to share them with others.  They do make incredible
talking points and as I said before, they do offer some truly bizarre experiences.

It should be known that with the White Magick that is placed upon these Soul Stones, these Evil
spirits will never be able to be released.  This is permanent so there should be no fear of them
ever causing any harm.  With that being said, it should be known that with the incredible levels of
energy within these stones, they are going to be felt and they are going to interact with your life.  
Not in a negative ways but in a positive way.  That is part of the White Magick Laws that have
been Astrally placed upon these Soul Stones.  The energy is converted, released and the results
are always truly unique, unpredictable and can bring about incredible blessings.

Each blessing that comes from this energy is different.  Sometimes it will be in the form of
money, gold or treasures.  Other times it may be in things being moved, opened and so on within
your home.  One owner of a Soul Stone told me recently that he placed it on a shelf in his study,
only to come to back to find everything on the shelf had been ‘moved’ the floor.  Only the stone
was left sitting in the middle of the shelf.  

At other times, the energy will influence your senses and can provide you with psychic visions
and experiences.  Other times it may affect electronics and the lights in your home.
As I stated before, each and every time, the results are different and they will be different for

Normally the energy levels within these stores will be released once or twice a week so one
should expect for these oddities to happen at least four times a month.  At least four times a
month, maybe more than that.


Again my friends, I want to make it very clear that each of these Soul Stones hold a different Evil
Spirit and they are fully contained forever.  There is no risk of any evil or negative influence.  If
there was I wouldn’t offer them.  Simple as that.

With each Soul Stone comes a story that you will learn of when you have the Soul Stone in your
Possession.  For now, I will share with you an excerpt of the history behind this Soul Stone and
the Spirit Within it.  Each was written by the client who had the Evil Spirit removed.  I won’t
disclose all of the story as I feel it is private for the owner.  If the owner decides to tell then they
certainly can.  Please know that not all accounts of these stories are of the same length.  Since
they are being written by the individual(s) who had these horrific experiences, they all say
something different.  Some go into more detail than others do.  

With each Soul Stone, I will share the account of the individual(s) involved and I will share with
you the details of the Evil Spirit within it.  

There are no invocations, rites, magick or meditation to be done for these Soul Stones.  They
work fully on their own.

Preview of the Experience...
" I’ve lived my whole life as a ‘non-believer,’ not with just the
paranormal but with any category of supernatural;
such as religion

All of that changed in 2001 and I will never look at the world
around me the same way. We joined hands numerous times
prior to this ‘event’ and both times before I purposely belted out
creepy things to scare her.  Not once did I take it seriously and
I paid the price for it.  I was playing with fire and I didn’t even
know it.  "
The Spirit....

Type of Spirit: Evil Demon

Type of Possession: Mid Level Possession
Definition: Behavior of Individual becomes deviated from
'normal.'  Feeling that an outside force is dwelling within that
contributes to Abnormal behavior and emotions.

Origin: Spiritual Realm

Name: Only for the Owner

Sex: Only for the Owner

Level: Evil -Pure Hatred
Soul Stone Séance
Please remember that you are completely safe from any negative
affects.  They are 100% sealed and can not be released.


With your purchase you will receive the Soul Stone, the History of the
Spirit and the account from the Individuals involved.
::  The Soul
Stone Séance