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The Shaman’s Djinn – The Shapeshifter

Before you today is the personal Djinn of the worlds most powerful Shaman.  
Within each of these Djinn lies a powerful knowledge of Magick and
Elemental Powers.

Their knowledge and level of experience is why Shaman personally use these
spirits for their own private needs.  This is why they are referred to as The
Shaman’s Djinn.

Through these Djinn, your wishes are granted.  Before you today are the
spirits that are capable of granting those wishes.

These spirits are Marid Djinn, pure in the heritage and pure in their strength.  
Their bloodlines have no influence from other races of Djinn and their
knowledge is from centuries worth of experience.

They not only have taught the most powerful of Shaman but they have
learned from them as well.

Each Djinn is extremely skilled at granting human wishes to the fullest of
extents.  They do grant unlimited wishes and use only the most powerful of
magick to do so.

It is important for you to know that these spirits grant all desires so be careful
for what you ask for.   Their endless abilities are given to you so use wisely.

The Shapshifting Factor

The Shaman refer to these spirits as Shapeshifters and this is due to their
Manifestations.  Always changing.  Always different.

Constantly changing their state to match the mood of the master.

At times, a beautiful woman is before you.  At other times, an animal form is

Each form is unique and each manifestations is based upon the mindset of
the master!

These are the Shaman’s Djinn  and they are ready for their master.

Limited Quantity available.

NOTE: Please let me know if you wish for a Male or Female Djinn.  If you do
not state which you desire, I will decide for you.

The Vessel

As you can see from the photos, I am providing this amazing spirit in a very
simple vessel.  This is Elemental Lava Stone.  Lava Stones enhanced with
magick and spells.  Enhanced to the point that it is fit to hold the energies and
powers of spirits.

This vessel is what ships for your spirit.

You can have the spirit bound to another item, ring, pendant, your body, etc,
if you wish.   This will cost an additional fee if you wish for the spirit to be

It is up to you of course.

If you have any questions concerning this, please let me know.

It is YOUR Life
The Power and Abilities of The Shamans Djinn!
What do you desire?
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