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Sexual Orientation.

Just as with humans, spiritual entities have their own sexual orientation.  There are spirits that
have heterosexual desires, some that homosexual desires and some that go both ways.
Spirits such as the Succubus are generally unisex spirits.  They enjoy and desire the physical
pleasures of both male and female masters.  The same can be said about the Incubus.  
Some may be wondering, what is the difference between these spirits.  Simply, the Succubus are
female and the Incubus are male spirits.

You may also be wondering if your spirits concerned about your sexual preference and the
answer is no.  Should you be concerned about the spirit’s sexual preference?  No.

The spirit is willing then the spirit is willing.  If the spirit is not, it will make this clear.  If the master
isn’t willing, the spirit will know and will not press the issue.  It does boil down to respect in this

If you have any questions, I am happy to address them.