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When it comes to the Metaphysical this is one of the hottest topics.  Many newcomers worry
about the religious aspects of having spirits.  Some worry about the spirits religious beliefs and
theirs as well.

Being a worker of spirits and befriending them does not interfere with religious practices.  
Spiritualism is not a religious practice and as you will learn from working with your spirits, they
can go hand in hand.

Having a spiritual collection can greatly assist in your religious practices and for many of those
without faith, find a religious practice they believe in from working within the Metaphysical.
It is important to remember that your beliefs are yours and your spirit’s beliefs are theirs.  You do
not force your beliefs upon them and they will not force theirs upon you.  This is more of a
respectful matter and is understood amongst the Metaphysical.  

If you wish to bring your spirits into your religious practices, you may ask them to join you.  Be
respectful of their choice.  

Also, one of the most important aspects of working with spirits is that they do not interfere with
your religious beliefs.  These spirits are not to be worshipped.  They are to be your companions.  
Finally, you may not be religious and this is fine.  Again this goes back to respect.  The spirit will
not force upon you beliefs and practices so you will not force upon them yours.  Simple enough.

If you have any questions concerning this, please let me know.