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An Introduction to Reiki – A Beginners Guide to Amazing Possibilities

Section One: Learning the Basics of Reiki


The Benefits and Power of Using Reiki


Over the years the power and healing aspects of Reiki have become increasingly
popular.    As world events and economies cause global problems, there are many who
are seeking out the benefits that only practicing Reiki can provide.  Healing, personal
growth and enlightenment are being sought after at an increasing rate.

If you seek the ability to heal, enlightenment, a deeper level of consciousness and inner
peace, the wonders of Reiki is for you.

Reiki is a Japanese term that means, Spiritual Energy.

Mikao Usui developed the system of Reiki many years ago and it is from his teachings
that Reiki has flourished into multiple paths of personal enhancement.  With all aspects
of Reiki there is a common factor.  A common connection.  A belief that the channelling
of life-force energy is used to bring about amazing changes in one’s life.  Not only this
but for those who practice Reiki they become a tool of healing for all of those around

For those of you, who worry about religion and beliefs, let me put your fears to rest.  
Reiki isn’t a religion, but the power of Reiki does source from a higher power.  You may
call this higher power Lord, God, the Creator or even Spirit.    Who you choose to believe
in is your business and will not interrupt your connection the benefits of Reiki.

As soon as you learn of Reiki and how to harness this energy within you, an incredible
journey awaits.  A journey that will be lasting and beneficial to everyone around, including

This guide will not make you a Master of the Reiki but will point you in the proper direction
of fulfillment.  Healing yourself, others and increasing the value of life by giving peace
and a deeper level of consciousness to those who desire to learn.

Through the benefits of Reiki you will learn a natural and simple method of multiple levels
of healing.




And Spiritual.


If you have illness and/or difficulties in your life, the power and benefits of Reiki will
assist you greatly.  This guide is essential to those who desire to learn of Reiki and what
it offers.  Those who desire to heal not only themselves but others around them.  It is
essential that you keep an open mind and this is true with all aspects of the
Metaphysical.  Also, those of you who are Masters of Spirits, Djinn, Angels and etc,
these guides can assist you greatly in opening your subconscious; giving you the ability
to hear what your spirits are saying.


This Listing Offers


This listing is for Section One of the Beginners Guide to Reiki.  There are Five parts to
make a complete Guide.

Section One covers the basics and the background from which Reiki arrives.  Also
included in this section are the differences between other healing methods.  Reiki
principles and common features of Reiki are included.


The Other Sections


1.     Section Two covers what a Reiki experience is like and what you can take from such
a grand practice.

2.     Section Three covers the basics of the Reiki Symbols and techniques used in
channelling Reiki Energy.  Also covered is how to use this life force to help others and

3.     Section Four covers the use of Reiki and how to set up a session.

4.     Section Five is a sort of Tip of the Trade.

These sections will be available at a later date.  It is recommended that everyone begin
with section one and move through the additional sections.


This section of the Beginners Guide to Reiki will be sent to your email and will be in PDF
format.  I will answer basic questions concerning Reiki and the benefits concerning this
amazing skill.  If you desire a deeper knowledge I suggest that you find a Reiki Master to
educate you further.

Reiki is a powerful and beneficial form of energy healing. I do not guarantee that you will
be healed of any illness or disease. If you are ill, please see your physician. Reiki works
hand in hand with the medical profession. The practices of Reiki never harm anyone as it
helps.  Results vary from person to person, depending on where you are on your spiritual
path and how much you work with the energies.
Reiki Guide 1.
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