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The Spirit Realms:

The spirit realms consist of at least 12 different planes (some say they number in the millions).  
This Includes the earthly plane, which we all live.  The next plane which is the most dangerous
and forbidding.  This is the realm of spirits that are dark in nature, evil and twisted.  Many
believe that this realm is those of lost souls.  This is the realm of Demons and none can be
trusted.  They will lie, cheat and deceive.  The questions you ask, will never be truthful.  Just
enough for you to believe them.  The easiest way to contact this realm is through such devices
as the Ouija Board and Angels Boards.

There is much talk about such devices and the serious problems that they can bring to one’s
life.  These boards are very much like a door way to this realm.  For the average person, for
most this should be avoided at all costs!  These are not toys and should never be used.  Do
some research and read about the terrible things that come with such tools.  I certainly warn
everyone not to use these devices!

When you use these, you are putting yourself and others at serious risk!  I once heard someone
say, “If you invite the Devil don’t expect him to behave!”  This is so true!

The next realms are harder to reach and can be connected to through such boards and simple
tools.  With these realms, knowledge of magick and mental abilities are needed.  It is from
these realms that the most powerful of spirits are conjured from.  As you progress through these
levels, the hard it is to conjure from and the stronger the spirits.

It is through these realms that the spirits help us the most.  These incredible spirits, Ranging
from Djinn to Watchers, to Ilmu Khodam and so on; give us the choice of what we want to do with
our lives.  It is our freewill and choice and with this life we deserve all that we desire as long as it
is positive and safe.

Many of these realms to not have names.  One of the further realms is that of Oranath.  This is
an incredible realm of powerful god like spirits.

…More will be added to this guide soon…
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