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Spiritual Pet Memorial - Never
With this Service, it will take a
little over a month for your pets
spirit to be brought back to this
world and then bound to the
beautiful Memory Stone.

If you love your pet, this is for
This all may seem very strange to you at first, especially if you are
not familiar with such practices and powers.  Let me tell you, all of
this is very very safe and very very special.  If you have lost a loved
pet and desire to have them back with you, please consider this.  I
promise you, you will have your loved pet back with you and you will
feel their beautiful spirit once again.

This is the most special, meaningful and spiritual way to memorialize
your loved pet.  Basically my friends, for the ones that desire to have
that love and that playful spirit back in your lives, this is what will
happen.  We will use very special, very loving rituals to bring the
spirit of loved pet back to this world, and bind their lovely spirits to a
memory stone enabling you to be with your pet once again.  Their
spirits, their love for you will be inside this stone for you to fully enjoy
and experience again.  Not only will the spirit be bound to this
beautiful stone, but will also be bond to you as well.  This is done so
that when you leave this world, the spirit of your pet will be released
from the stone and will travel with you into the next life.  This is so
very special my friends.  This includes a very lovely spirit box that will
hold the spirit stone.  Also included is a very lovely poem that may be
framed and place nearby for all to read and to bring back those
loving memories.
:: Spiritual Pet Memorial -
Never Forgotten
:: $150
Mahmod Ahmadenjad. A
7th generation master
conjuror whose abilities
are known around the
world is a very powerful
friend of mine, my

For over 60 years, he
has used his skills to
bring the forces of the
unknown to this realm.  
Genies, Spirits, Angels,
and souls of past loved
ones! He has helped me
conjurer some of the
worlds strongest powers
into items that have
changed my life, my
families lives, and the
lives of a selected few.  
His powers and skills are
unmatched and revered
world wide.
This lovely memorial is
for all animals.  Cats,
dogs, birds and
basically all pets that
have been loved can be
a part of our lives
again.  This is a very
special service that only
we are able to offer.
Last Updated: July 24th 2007
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