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Communicating with the Other Side Payment Options!
I accept payments in many safe and convenient ways.  Also, you are welcome to make an offer in the
form below.
Payment Options
::  Messages to the Other Side ::

We have all been in the situation where we wish we could have said something or heard
something from a loved one or friend before they passed on to the other side.

Do you feel that it is too late to say I love you, or that you are proud of them?

Does it hurt you to think that you were not able to be there at the time of their passing?

Do you regret saying something you didn't mean and didn't have time to say you were sorry?

Maybe you have some news that you need to tell your loved one.

And maybe, you need to receive a message from the one that you love and miss the most!

If you have these feelings, the remorse and regret, you do not have to feel this pain any longer.

I can help you!!

I can pass on your message so that your loved ones or anyone else is sure to know what you want
them too!

I can communicate with them and receive answers to your questions!

You do not have to live with this pain!

Once payment is received I will gather the information from you that I need to make contact with
your passed loved one.  

Once complete, I will email you detailing the process and letting you know that the message was
safely received to the other side!

You may choose the service that you desire below.  Either to Send or Receive a message by
the proper box below.

If you have any questions please use the contact Us form down at the bottom
of the page.
Say the words that you always meant too, but didn't.

You no longer have to feel that regret of never saying I love you or that
you are proud of that friend or family member that has passed.
Do you need to say something to that friend or loved one?  Do you need to hear from your
loved one that they are ok?  
Now is your chance!
::  Send a
Message to
the Other Side
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Contact us
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Messages to the Other Side
Messages to the Other Side
Note: This is your chance to get that message to that loved one or
friend on the other side, that person that has passed on.
Messages to the Other side
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Many Blessings my friends., Blessings!
::  Receive a
Message from
the Other Side