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That is a very good question and the answer has changed over the years.  Metaphysics was up to a
few years ago purely addressing the questions of life.  The questions that face man-kind.  Examples of
these questions would be, “what is the meaning of life?, what is my purpose?, what is nature?, “ and so
on.  These complex questions, many without direct answers, have been with us all since the beginning
of time.  

More recently, Metaphysics has branched in to a much larger and perplexing world.  Instead of
focusing on nature and purpose, it is now used to describe the world of spirits, spiritual and faith
healing.  Not only this but the use of crystals and the many many elements of life.
This is of course, not limited to these subjects and questions as there are many branches of the
Metaphysical.  Cormology, Cosmogony, New Thought and Spiritualism to name a few.

A popular usage of Metaphysics includes a wide range of controversial phenomena believe by many
to exist beyond the physical world.  An example of this is Mysticism (referring to experiences of unity
with God) and Occultism (referring to the extension of extrasensory perception, telepathy,
clairvoyance, and so on).
So with all of this my friends, the question is, what do you believe?  What do you believe is
your position and role in this life, in this world?  Do you think outside of the box or do you look
past the usual dimensions?  Are you happy where you are in life?  Are you happy with your
My friends, Welcome to the Metaphysical!          
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