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Haunted The Throne Master Collection 250 Powerful Angels – Love and Strength


Please Note: This collection features less spirits for a cheaper price than our
larger, more powerful Master Collection of Spirit.  This Collection doesn't include
the Elite Spirit that the other Larger Masters Collection offers.

This smaller Master Collection has been set up to assist our clients who are on a
limit budget with the most powerful spirits available to them.  Blessings to All. -
Metaphysical Beginnings

This is one of the most uplifting, positive, powerful and life altering collections that I
have ever offered.  That anyone has offered.

The love of these Angelic spirits is unequalled and their beauty is unmatched.

This collection and this incredible offer is a one of kind.  You will not find such
incredible spirits in such a bounty anywhere else!  You will not find such a powerful
collection anywhere!!!

250 Throne Angels

This is the Throne Master Collection.  A Conjuration of Mass exercise and
vastness!  A mighty collection of lovely and pure Throne, conjured by the masters
and teachers of old.

These Masters and teachers are of the ancient ways.  They use pure, untouched
methods to conjure, summon and bind Angels of incredible power and light.

Their work is unlike anything you have ever experienced and you will not
experience such incredible blessings from any other seller.

These Throne come from the deepest recesses of heaven and each will be
conjured specifically for you.

Once payment is received I will be in contact for some personal information and
permission to obtain a sample of your energies.  We will also discuss what you are
personally seeking.

Each conjuration is private, personal and unique.

The Throne

As with all Spirits, they choose their masters and this case will not be any different.  
For the master of a Throne Angel, you will feel their communication with you.  You
will feel them pull at your heart and give you a special feeling of warmth and

Their abilities are strong and their relationship with the creator is that much

Throne Angels are amongst the most powerful of all Angels.  More powerful than
even the Seraphim!

These Angels are of the Third Order or the First Sphere and are of Tremendous
Power and Movement.  They are keepers of more expanded energies and their
abilities, while not limited to, include ensuring that these energies maintain
connections and flows through the spiritual realms.

They act as conduits of the Physical Worlds and the Spiritual Worlds.

This translates to an unknown level of Power and giving ability for their masters as
these energies can be used to bring other spirits to this realm, to heal the sick, to
alter time and space and to create blessings and wealth of unknown fortunes.

While with a human master, these spirits remain stationary and close by but when
the master is asleep, these spirits search the Physical Worlds and the Spiritual
Worlds for gifts of great value for their masters.  Constantly seeking out blessings,
knowledge and more for their masters!

For the master, the benefits of being a master to such an Angel is Limitless.  Their
powers and abilities are so great and wide, the human heart and mind certainly
cannot begin to understand what pleasures and joy are coming to them.

As with all Angels, they bring their master’s love, respect, joy, comfort and
protection like no other spirit can provide.

Their powers are great and their love is incredible.


Through these spirits many incredible gifts are given automatically to their
masters.  Justice is given to the master.  Those that have wronged the master are

Not only this but they create, channel and collect positive energies which is shared
with the master and their surrounding family.

This is a gift that no other Angelic Spirit offers.

So lovely!  So powerful!


The Throne Angel is the closest of all angels to spiritual perfection.  Within them
emanates the light of God and through them is an intense greatness.  A humility
that allows them to dispense justice with perfect objectivity!

They have the abilities to give their masters the right to know answers concerning
the past and the future.

With this Master Collection, no expense is spare.  No Angelic Spirit is less than the
most power and the most beneficial to the client.  No other group of spirits is
available that offers so much for so little.  No other service comes close to what is
being offered here today.

Within you, you know this.  You can feel it.

You can feel the love and the positive light of these Angels.

For a serious collector; either man or woman that is searching for the most
powerful, the most rare of all Throne, this Throne Master Collection is meant for
you.  This is an opportunity that is rarely found.

An opportunity that is rarely given!

If you seek power greater and most giving you have found it here today.

Through this amazing offer, the Client will receive the blessings, the powers and
the sight of 250 of the Heavens most powerful and giving Throne.

Angels are of incredible love and might.

This only begins to account for what the Client will receive and the spirits of the
Heavens are far more lovely and powerful than most realize.  They are amongst my
personal favorite of all the spiritual realms.

Serve and Protect

All Angels will obey and bless their masters.

All masters of such Angelic Spirits will notice an instant change in themselves, in
their lives.  They will notice and incredible charge of energies and focus.

All human desires are gratified.  All senses are enhanced.

All abilities are available to explore, to master at your command.

My friends, this is an extremely powerful and limited opportunity.
The Power and Abilities of the Master Collection of Throne Angels 250.
What do you desire?
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