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Haunted : The Master Collection : 1,200 Angels : Rare!!!



Please Note: This collection features less spirits for a cheaper price than our larger, more
powerful Master Collection of Spirit.  This Collection doesn't include the Elite Spirit that the other
Larger Masters Collection offers.

This smaller Master Collection has been set up to assist our clients who are on a limit budget
with the most powerful spirits available to them.  Blessings to All. - Metaphysical Beginnings

This is one of the most uplifting, positive, powerful and life altering collections that I have ever
offered.  That anyone has offered.

The love of spirits is unequalled and their beauty is as well.

This collection and this incredible offer is a one of kind.  You will not find such incredible spirits in
such a bounty anywhere else!

This is the Angelic Master Collection.  A Conjuration of Mass exercise and vastness!  A mighty
collection of lovely and pure Angels, conjured by the masters and teachers of old.

The Masters and teachers of the ancient ways.  They use pure, untouched methods to conjure,
summon and bind Angels of incredible power and light.

Angels that come from the deepest recesses of heaven.

It is amongst the Heavens that the most prevailing and powerful Angels emerge.  The same
Angelic Spirits that have assisted mankind in the every step and every age.

Angels that opened the minds of man, giving them the capacity to create, to move, to give, to
heal and to love!

It is with these methods that over 1,200 Angelic spirits will be conjured and bound to your
Spiritual Body, your Astral Body and your Physical Body.

By having the Angelic spirits bound in this method the master and the spirits are introduced to a
new level of relationship.  The benefits are incredible and surpass those of vessel binding (ring,
lamp, etc).

The benefits of such a conjuration and the binding of the Angelic spirits to the master’s body are
powerful and positive.  When a spirit is bound to a vessel such a Ring or so on, there is a sort of
barrier between the master and the spirit.  The barrier of course is the vessel.  While this barrier
is a weak one that is eventually over come, this does extend the bonding period between the
master and the spirit.

One of the main benefits of having a spirit bound to your body is that there is no such barrier.  
The spirit has an instant connection with the master and the bonding period is greatly reduced.

Not only that, but the Master has a greater level of sensation from the spirit itself.

The transfer of energy from the spirit to the master and vice versa is simply incredible.  For
some, these sensations of energy are incredibly powerful and can take time to become
accustomed to.

Headaches and other sensations are to be expected until your body and mind become
habituated to the energies of the spirit.  This usually takes place within a few days to a week’s
time.  Of course, as the bond between the spirit and the master continue to grow, these feelings
or sensations will of course come back and then dissipate.

These of course are not the only benefits, as there are many.

Benefits include stronger bond, stronger energy, quicker bonding time, quicker and more
accurate wishes being granted and of course, a sharing of spiritual energies with the spirit and a
sharing of their abilities.....

So much more!

With this Master Collection, no expense is spare.  No Angelic Spirit is less than the most power
and the most beneficial to the client.  No other group of spirits is available that offers so much for
so little.  No other service comes close to what is being offered here today.

Within you, you know this.  You can feel it.

You can feel the love and the positive light of these Angels.

For a serious collector; either man or woman that is searching for the most powerful, the most
rare of all Angels, this Master Collection is meant for you.  This is an opportunity that is rarely

An opportunity that is rarely given!

If you seek power greater and most giving you have found it here today.

Through this amazing proffer, the Client will receive the blessings, the powers and the sight of
1,200 of the Heavens most powerful Angels.

Angels in the likes of Devata, the Khodam, Archangels, Dominations, Thrones, Principalities,
Seraphim, and Tarshisims to just name a few.

The Angels that are conjured are not just powerful but they are the most powerful of their kind.  
They are leaders and the most potent in their abilities.  Each with a desire to give to their master,
to give their master all that the heavens provide.

There is no Angel, no group of Angels that is offered today that even come close to what is being
offered here.  While there are other sellers offering many more spirits, their spirits do not come
close to the power of these.  That is guaranteed!

The abilities that you will gain from these 1,200 Angelic spirits is unmatched.

Wealth, Youth, Love, Light, Prosperity, Incredible Luck and Fortune are yours!  Abilities of all
forms, Knowledge, Wisdom, Strength, Control, Influence and so much more are yours.  All given
to you from the Elite of the Heavens.  Magick intelligence, Physic Knowledge and the gifts of
usage are given to these collectors who desire such contributions.

Imagine wealth beyond those of kingdoms.  Imagine the confidence that will be gained!  Imagine
how your life will change and the lives of those around you.  Those that you care about.

What you will receive is next to godliness.  The power and abilities that will surge through you is
unspeakable.  No words begin to demonstrate what you will receive.  The inner peace that will
be placed upon you is unheard of.

The levels of Magick that the master of such spirits will gain is unimaginable.  All forms are
available and are given to the master.  All but Dark Magick.  These Angels do not work in such

White and all forms in between are offered.  Elemental, Astral and so many adjacent forms and
abilities are given.

Even the gifts of spiritual speak are offered to those that desire so.

Angels of all forms are available and are given.

The likes of the most powerful Devata, Seraphim, Khodam to just name a few.

Angels of incredible love and might.  Guardian, Rulers, Powers and so many others.

This only begins to account for what the Client will receive and the spirits of the Heavens are far
more lovely and powerful than most realize.

All Angels will obey and bless their masters.

All masters of such Angelic Spirits will notice an instant change in themselves, in their lives.

All human desires are gratified.  All senses are enhanced.

All abilities are available to explore, to master at your command.

My friends, this is an extremely powerful and limited opportunity.
The Power and Abilities of the Master Collection of Angels 1200 Spirits.
What do you desire?
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