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Law of Manifestation

Also known as the Law of Beamed Energy. The Divine is governed by a series of laws that
brings order and balance to the natural Universe. Without Chaos, there cannot be Order.
Without Order there cannot be Chaos. Therefore there cannot be balance. One day we'll get into
why this is important.

There are many laws of order. The Law of Accountability, The Law of Matter, The Law of
Knowledge, The Natural Law, and many others. The Law of Manifestation defines or explains,
however you want to perceive it, how we as humans, create that which we want. The key to this
Law is that we create what we want and not necessarily what we need. So the old adage, be
careful what you ask for - you might get it, is very true. It's easy to create, but not necessarily
easy to deal with what you've created.

It's also easy to create material things. Much harder to create emotional things, especially
those that include someone else. Such as relationships, fertility, even revenge.

Thought is the creator behind all operations of manifestations in the material world. These
manifestations cannot occur until a suggestion or thought, (some would call it a desire) hits the
Subconscious mind. But the Subconscious must also 'take in' that thought and process it.

Einstein once said, "Thought is energy, to create it (energy), just use your imagination."   
This quote is more accurate than perhaps Einie realized. Creative Visualization is the easiest
way to being a creation of manifestation. But just having a daydream is not enough.
Visualization has it's own process of creation. Simply put, Visualization is the act of deliberately
bringing into manifestation a desire or need by an exercise of picturing that object in the 'minds
eye' (one key point), as if the object is already in your possession (the second key point). This
process, when performed successfully, will eventually become a thought form that is strong
enough to manifest in the outer world; or physical world.

This process requires both mental and visual discipline so as not to cloud one's mind with how
can I attain this? How can I dare expect this to happen? Even the slightest pessimistic thought
can slow down, alter or even negate the attempt at the manifestation. Remember, the divine
universe is about balance. If you visualize something happening, you can also visualize
something not happening and the two images will cancel each other out into nothingness. Here
is where the discipline occurs.

The picture in the minds eye should be clear and exact as to the final desire/need. In as much
detail as possible, so the Divine process (which includes you) can build and create that which
you are trying to manifest. The more detail you give your vision, the more of your energy you
are putting into it. Think of this as the 'taking in' of the Subconscious. You are allowing this
energy to build up in the Etheric world by holding it as long as possible within the
Subconscious. At times, repeating this process daily if desired, can and will add to the

Generally, manifestations such as this will happen more quickly if the exercise is performed
directly after meditation or in an altered Alpha state of consciousness, where the subconscious
mind is more readily prepared to accept the vision.

Now there are many techniques to create a visualized desire, take it in and send it out to the
Ethereal world for manifestation. You can use just the vision, make something to symbolize
your desire, incorporate it into a ritual or magick rite. It's up to you.
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