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Making Payments with the Installment Plan:

I have received many requests from both the new and current clients for a installment plan for
the powerful spirits and services that I offer. Many were disappointed because by the time they
have got enough money to acquire what they were seeking someone else had become the
master to that item. So, to avoid disappointment and to assist those who are in need, I am
happy to say that you, my most important customer and friend, will now have an option of
making payments.  The Installment Plan is only available for those paying the full price of the
Genie, Incubus or Succubus. The plan is not available for Best Offer Prices.  If you want to set
up a payment plan for a offer you have made, please let me know.

How does the Installment Plan work?

Installment Plan is only available for those paying the full price of the spirit or service desired.
The plan is not available for Offer Prices unless you have spoken to me previously.

When you are ready to purchase the Spirit or Service, there are two payment options.  Either
full price or to make payments.  The first payment has to be in the amount of $100.

You can now choose to either pay a *deposit of $100 to secure the Spirit or Service or pay in

If you choose to pay the *deposit of $100, you will then have *1 month* from the date of the
deposit to pay the balance in full, unless priory arrangement is made in advance.

I will email you the amount you have paid and the balance left to be paid and the payments
received by date.

I will deliver your Spirit of Service after I have received your full payment.

*Deposit - All deposits are not refundable or transferable.

*1 Month* - You will lose your deposit and the Genie will be listed back on the website if I do not
receive the full payment of the balance within 1 month, unless priory arrangement is made with
us in advance.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.
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