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An Introduction to Kámál-Hjinoe:  

The Kámál-Hjinoe are extremely powerful spirits!  Just as powerful as an Elder Marid or Ancient

Very capable spirits that offer their masters unlimited wishes and so on.

Amongst all of the spirit Planes and all the different spirit Realms, there are spirits that are known as the

These incredible spirits are also known as being Spherical Spirits.

Incredible Spirits are extremely powerful, extremely respected and extremely giving to their masters.

The Kámál-Hjinoe are spirits that never incarnate, have a wonderful sense of humor and lots of affection
for their masters.  They can be friendly and express themselves very openly.

They offer their masters so much so easily.

Their masters are protected and blessed in ways most can not ever imagine!

There a warning that I must give to anyone who is drawn to this incredible spirit.

These spirits are easily aggravated and will show their might if they are teased and mocked.

Always show them respect and they will bless and understand you clearly.

These incredible spirits are so very powerful, one of the most powerful in all the spirit realms.  So
powerful that even the gods respect them.

Of all of the spirits within the Spirit Realms, the Kámál-Hjinoe are the most powerful!  They work easily
and effortlessly with other spirits including the Djinn, Watchers, Abkian and Angels.

These spirits are known to manifest in a multitude of ways.  Some times minimal and some times grand.
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