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Spirit Type: Islamic Marid Djinn King

Number of Inhabited: 1 Per Pendant or Body

Sex: Male

Name: Presented Only to the Master of the Spirit

Ability Rating: Extreme

Rarity Rating: Extreme

Value: Priceless

Rebindable: Yes

Vessel: Pendant


My friends, please make sure to view these photos, see and feel the Islamic Djinn

Study them and follow your heart.  If you feel their pull you know you are meant to
be their master.

Follow your hearts!


Description: Islamic Djinn Kings


The names of these amazing spirits will only be given to the next master!  Please
do not write asking for any of their names as it will not be given.

The effigy of the Islamic Djinn Kings was discovered within the Tutankhamun’s
tombs as they were left unguarded and unused for centuries.  Deep within this
tomb, the same forms that make up the focal point of these pendants were hand
carved on to the walls that surrounding their resting place.

Four Islamic Djinn pieces were uncovered.

These kings, each known as ‘Lords of the Sacred Lands,’ الأربعةاسياد للأراضي المقدسة  ,
were conjured 1,000 years after humanity began storing historical records.  Each
spirit assisted the few bringing light to the human race.

Each of the Kings, gave to one so they could give to the people.

Through the master, incredible gifts were given.

Standing above the statuses of Kings and Queens, these spirits watched over the
rulers of others offering guidance and blessings.  When the minds became corrupt,
these spirits would simply alter them.

It has been written and seen that these spirits manifest in colored armor as powerful
warriors.  Each King acting as a guardian to their masters and to mankind.

Each one of the beautiful pendants is highly charged with the abilities
and protection of the Islamic Djinn.  Being of race of Djinn, you know of the power
they each hold.  Each spirit has been used to alter history and to alter the lives of

The masters of these spirits know no limits as all they can dream of is given to
reality.  Each of these spirits can be passed on to others but never displaced.  
Once a master connects with their spirit, the connection is always in place.  Even
when a new master takes hold of the item and connects with the spirit, a new
connection is made between masters.  A sharing of history, knowledge and so
much more is passed down.

This is an incredible gift as with each master comes a grand viewing of the past,
present and future.

It is YOUR Life

My friends, with this incredible Spirit, you must be desiring the ability to control your
own life.  The ability to control the way and what means you live.  With this spirit
and his abilities, you should know that incredible amounts of energy accompany.  
This will take some getting used to, but the feelings of dizziness and fatigue will
pass.  What will come is certainly amazing!

Bid with Confidence

Bid with confidence my friends; When you purchase from me you receive not only a
friend but a teacher as well!  I will always be here to help you, to answer your
questions and teach you in the ways of the spirits!  I answer every single email and
will never stop!

I am very experienced in the worlds of Magick and Spirits, Metaphysical and the
Supernatural and you should know that you are bidding on authentic items and
spirits!  Review my incredible feedback and know this to be true!  All of my
customers and I stay in touch and we are a family!

I have Many Many return Customers for a reason!
The Power and Abilities of The Lords of the Sacred Lands Islamic Djinn Conjuration!
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