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Master to Spirit Invocation
Master to Spirit Invocation Purchase Options!
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Master to Spirit Invocation
Master to Spirit Invocation
:: Binding w/ Master Invocation
:: $35
This is the most popular of the Invocations that I offer.  This invocation
is very personal in nature and very powerful!  
This Invocation will bring out the spirit with in your item and bond that
spirit with you, the Master!
There are many sellers out there that truly offer powerful spirits, powerful Djinn, but
they do not have the knowledge on how to pass these great spirits to another master.  
This leaves the master of these spirits almost powerless.  With out the Invocations, the
master will no be able to make contact wit that spirit.

Some sellers include invocations that do not work or are far to dangerous for the
average person to complete.

If you have purchased a Djinn, Angel, or  other sort of spirit, then you need these
The word Invocation means to draw out a Spirit or a Spirit Force.  

Invocations are more commonly used to "bring out" the spirit known as the Djinn
(genie), but can be tailored to invoke a wide variety or spirits.  Angels, Faeries, and
many other powerful and lovely spirits.

All invocations found here are very positive in nature, safe and very personal.
If you have bought Items with powerful spirits with in and not had any activity, it is
most commonly that the invocations provided were not correct!
If there is a spirit with in, these Invocations will Work!!!
This Invocation is specific for spirits!  Djinn, Watchers, Angels, Demons and so on.

Remember, ALL spirit have to have an Invocation Ritual and this Ritual HAS TO be
performed by the Master of the Spirit.  This ritual can not be completed by anyone
else.  If you have been told there isn't an Invocation Ritual or that it has already been
done, please know that this is false!  

Completely false!
Please, if you have any questions click on the Contact Us Link and the below.  I am here to
assist you in all that you need.

If you are ready to bond with your spirits, the time is now and this is the Invocation Ritual that
will create the powerful bond that is need to utilize your spirits.
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