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Invocations are the most important aspect when it comes to making a connection with your
spirits.  Without a proper invocation, a bond between you and your spirit(s) may never come to

Invocation rituals go hand in hand with the bonding period.  An invocation ritual has to
be done to form a bond with your spirit.  It has to be done by the master of the spirit.  No one else
can do this for you.

Also, the invocation has to be real.  A powerful loving spirit will remain inactive unless a real
invocation ritual is used.  Throwing pepper seeds and saying the name of the spirit a million
times will never bring out the connection that you desire.  Going without eating is not the key
either.  I will be posting false invocation rituals on my site shortly.  These are the invocations that
have been sent to me by my customers who received them from other sellers.   I will break them
down and explain why the invocation ritual is complete nonsense.

So, being the most vital part to the bonding process, I think it is important to repeat myself.   
When binding to any spirit, there has to be an invocation.  It cannot be done by another else.  If
the seller states it has already been done, this is complete false.

Without a real invocation ritual, the spirit will remain inactive.  I promise you this my friends,
without a real invocation ritual your spirit will not bless you with what you desire.

It can not be stressed enough how important invocations are.  
There are two main forms of invocation and multiple forms of each type.
There is the Master to Spirit invocation and the Multiple Spirit invocation ritual.  Each has a very
specific purpose and both are essential.

The Master to Spirit invocation is used to create a connection/bond with your spirit.
The Multiple Spirit invocation is used to create a common connection amongst all spirits to
prevent blockages and problems for the master.  This is very important and just as important as
the Master to Spirit invocation.  Many workers of the Metaphysical have problems with their
spirits due to the lack of a Multiple Spirit Invocation.  Without this invocation, there can be
blockages and problems between your spirits that you do not even know about.

Please let me know if you have any questions.