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Spirit Type: Djinn - Gnena

Number of Inhabited: 1

Sex: Female

Name: Only Provided to Master

Ability Rating: Very High

Rarity Rating: Very High

Value: Very High

Rebindable: Yes

Vessel: Body – 24 – 48 hour Conjuration – Can be ring, pendant, etc if desired.


The Gnena Djinn, the Islamic Djinn are extremely rare spirits.  Mostly female, short in
height and extremely beautiful.  Masters of these spirits refer to them as Dream
Spirits.  Long black hair, large, wide eyes.

These spirits are known for their shapeshifting.  Their height and physical attributes
stay the same but their faces shift from one beautiful form to another.  Often changing
to please their masters who desire change.

Throughout history these spirits are known.  Often depicted in Islamic paintings and
historical art.  Illustrated bringing forth the unmatched ability of the Gnena.


The Gnena are extremely powerful, very strong spirits.  They collect energies from
the spiritual realms and converts this power to magical treasures and gifts.  The same
energy that they collect from spiritual others is given to the master as well and used in
ways of enhancement.  I will touch on this in a bit.

The Gnena draw in the spirits of stronger female entities.  Comforts them and
introduces them to the Gnena’s master.

Such masters (you) of the Gnena continuingly gain more and more spirits.  It is
common for masters of these spirits to control and befriend hundreds of spirits each
year.  All of this is possible only through the abilities of the Gnena.

It is important to note that to accept these additional spirits, one needs to address
them through the proper methods.  This of course would be the Multiple Spirit
Invocation that is known around the world.  

The abilities of the Gnena are great and common of those of other Djinn.  Unlimited
grantings and so much more are given.  It is her very unique ability of processing
other spirits and their energies that make he so sought-after.

The Master and Personal Enhancements:

The masters of these spirits should be strong and confident in their abilities to sense,
feel and understand the spiritual world around them.

Even if you do not have these abilities yet, they will come.  This is an added benefit to
the Gnena Djinn.

Over time, they open your natural abilities of understanding and 3rd eye sensory.  If
you lack in this area now, you will develop and gain in the not so distant future.

The Photos

The simple fact of it is, there are no photos to share.  Namely because the spirit has
yet to be bound to this realm.

She is in waiting.

Waiting for you, her future master!

You cannot take a photo from within the spiritual realms.

Instant Conjurations and the Vessel

With this incredible service, as soon as purchase is made, I will obtain information
from you.  Full name.  Birthdate and finally, permission to obtain a sample of your
energies.  This sample is obtained by the use of spirits guides.  Normally the master
will only feel a slight weakness from having their energies taken.  Whatever
sensations are felt will pass quickly.

As soon as this information is received, the conjurations will begin immediately.  An
instant conjuration is only possible by those who have 100% control of spiritual forces
and the spiritual realms.  In this case, my master certainly does.  In less than 48
hours, the incredible Gnena Djinn will be bound to your body!  You can immediately
from that point begin with the bonding.  Of course, I will provide the most accurate
and powerful of invocation rituals that guarantee the strongest bond possible.

If you desire the spirits to be bound to a physical item such as a ring or pendant, this
can be done and will be done.  Please keep in mind if you choose to have them
bound to a physical item, the item will be shipped.  This will add some to the amount
of time before you receive them.

The Gnena Djinn Effect

Through this spirit the master will obtain all that they seek.  Knowledge, wealth, love,
health and the benefits of the spiritual.

What do you desire my friends?  What is it that you need?  Follow your hearts!

What is Included

As with all of my spirits, I included REAL invocation rituals and plenty of extra
information to assist with the bonding!  Not only this, but I am happy to include
powerful rituals and spells that will assist you in all that you desire.  This ranges from
positive energies to banishing of evil!

Not only this my friends, but I am also here to answer all questions and to assist in
any way that I can!  I do not disappear once the transaction is over!  Bid with
Confidence!  When you bid on one of my powerful auctions, you know that you are
getting not only the best there is, but a friend to match.

I personally answer every email!

Every question... And I stay in contact with all that purchase from me and the ones
that don’t!

I included everything that you will need and will never make anyone pay extra for
something that they should have received.
It is YOUR Life

My friends, with these unbelievable Spirits, you must be desiring the ability to control
your own life.  The ability to control the way and what means you live.  With these
spirits and their abilities, you should know that incredible amounts of energy
accompany.  This will take some getting used to, but the feelings of dizziness and
fatigue will pass.  What will come is certainly amazing!

Please let me know if you have any questions as I am happy to address them.
The Power and Abilities of the Islamic Gnena Djinn – Instant Conjuration.
What do you desire?
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