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Haunted : Instant Conjuration Rarest of Angels : Luminaries


Spirit Type: Luminaries Angel

Number of Inhabited: 1

Sex: Male or Female

Names: Only Provided to Master

Ability Rating: Extreme

Rarity Rating: Extreme

Value: Extreme

Rebindable: Yes

Vessel: Body – 24 – 48 hour Conjuration –


My friends, thank you so much for viewing this wonderful and amazing spirit.  If you choose to
bring this spirit into your collection, I promise you will find all of the support you need.  I assure you,
this will be the smoothest spiritual purchase possible.

If you feel this spirit is right for you, it is time to join the thousands of others who purchase from
Metaphysical Beginnings.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Description : The Love and Caring of the Luminaries

This nameless Angelic being (for now) is a one of a kind Luminaries.  These powerful Angels are
some of the rarest of Angels.  So extremely powerful and with levels of wisdom and light that
simply surpass anything you have ever experienced before.

These spirits are known for their most intense ways of speaking with their masters.  A language
known as Fire-Speaking.  To try to explain this wouldn’t do it justice it is a rare aspect that must
be experienced!  What I can say is this, once you connect and bond with this Angel, you too will be
a Fire-Speaker.

The Luminaries Angels are very Chakra centered spirits and they will influence you greatly.  Your
Seven centers connect through our your physical body and these Chakras become linked with this
amazing Spirit.

As the Luminaries begin to enhance your Kundalini (energy) your world and your life will change
forever.  Once these greatly enhanced energies begin to flow your natural abilities become


This beautiful Angel offers so many facets of Angelic Ability and Power.  Below you will learn of
many of her gifts.

Weather Magick : One of her most incredible abilities is also one of her most powerful.  For a
woman, she is often influenced by the world and the energy around her.  Through this Angel, you
can control the weather, create it and alter it.  You can influence the world around so that it
matches the mood that you are in.  If you are happy, you may wish for the sun to shine beautifully.  
If you are down you may wish for the rains to fall.  All of which is at your control.

Light Magick : This is what powers this amazing Angel and if you are open to it, it is an aspect that
you will be able to master.  Through her, you too can become capable of such an incredible gift.  
With Light Magick, there are no limits at what you can do and how you can influence the world
around you in the most powerful of ways.

Personal Enhancement Magick : Personal Enhancement is something that is very common and
desired amongst women.  More so than men, women are concerned on their looks, they way they
are presented and the way they are seen.

Of course it is much deeper than the physical aspect and expands to the interpersonal.

Allow me to put it this way, with this spirit those who feel strongly about certain aspects are greatly
enhanced!  Taken to a level they never thought possible.

An Artist will be so enhanced, each stroke, each capture, each piece of art would be astounding.

The Writer becomes someone that is remembered and someone whose work is followed.  It is
felt, touching and powerful.

And So Much More

This beautiful Angel does reconstitute herself within the body of the master.  Basically this means
that while she has her vessel she will also make a connection with your body.  This way she is
able to always be around you.  Always protecting and always able to know what it is that you need.

Even after life, this Angel will stay with her master.  Always by your side as your travel through the

With this spirit you are looking upon a positive force that is like no other.  A force that will certainly
change the way that you look at the world and the way the world looks at you.  This is an aspect
you will be able to take advantage of.

Instant Conjurations and the Vessel

With this incredible service, as soon as purchase is made, I will obtain information from you.  Full
name.  Birthdate and finally, permission to obtain a sample of your energies.  This sample is
obtained by the use of spirits guides.  Normally the master will only feel a slight weakness from
having their energies taken.  Whatever sensations are felt will pass quickly.

As soon as this information is received, the conjurations will begin immediately.  An instant
conjuration is only possible by those who have 100% control of spiritual forces and the spiritual
realms.  In this case, my master certainly does.  In less than 48 hours, three of the realms most
powerful spirits will be bound to your body!  You can immediately from that point begin with the
bonding.  Of course, I will provide the most accurate and powerful of invocation rituals that
guarantee the strongest bond possible.

If you desire the spirits to be bound to a physical item such as a ring or pendant, this can be done
and will be done.  Please keep in mind if you choose to have them bound to a physical item, the
item will be shipped.  This will add some to the amount of time before you receive them.

What is Included

As with all of my spirits, I included REAL invocation rituals and plenty of extra information to assist
with the bonding!  Not only this, but I am happy to include powerful rituals and spells that will assist
you in all that you desire.  This ranges from positive energies to banishing of evil!

Not only this my friends, but I am also here to answer all questions and to assist in any way that I
can!  I do not disappear once the transaction is over!  Bid with Confidence!  When you bid on one
of my powerful auctions, you know that you are getting not only the best there is, but a friend to
I personally answer every email!

Every question... And I stay in contact with all that purchase from me and the ones that don’t!

I included everything that you will need and will never make anyone pay extra for something that
they should have received.

The Photos

The simple fact of it is, there are no photos to share.  Namely because the spirits have yet to be
bound to this realm.

They are in waiting.

Waiting for you, their future master!

You cannot take a photo from within the spiritual realms.
The Power and Abilities of the Instant Conjuration Luminaries Angel.
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