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My friends, thank you so much for viewing this wonderful and amazing
spirit.  If you choose to bring this spirit into your collection, I promise you will
find all of the support you need.  I assure you, this will be the smoothest
spiritual purchase possible.

If you feel this spirit is right for you, it is time to join the thousands of others
who purchase from Metaphysical Beginnings.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Description : The Gorgon : Temple Guardians

Beautiful. Desiring.  Unlike the mythology that surrounds them.  Shape-
shifting spirits.

The Gorgon are great in power and incredible in their strength.  Dark spirits
that are able to grant the wishes of their masters; even if they are harmful
to others.  This is of course the nature of Dark Spirits.

The master of the Gorgon is protected and controls them personally.  
Befriends them privately.  Uses them wisely.

Their manifestations vary from one master to another, meaning what one
master is show doesn’t mean it will be the same for another.  These spirits
are constantly shapeshifting, always showing themselves in a different way.  
Always amazing and always beautiful.

Only those that the master of the Gorgon wishes to harm or scare will see
the true appearance of these spirits.

Normally these spirits show themselves in their beautiful and sexy
presentation but they are capable of showing their mythological form is

For their human masters, such spirits are guardians.  They are protectors.  
These Gorgon are known as Temple Guardians and the ‘Temple’ is in
reference to the master.  The master is the Temple and the Gorgon will
allow nothing to happen to them.

As mentioned these spirits are Shapeshifters and this ability is not reserved
to just the spirit.  It is shared with the master and the ability is granted on

With the Gorgon, the master should be prepared for an active spirit as well
as a powerful one.  The gifts of 3rd sight is given.

The abilities to take the needs of their masters and manifest them is also

Such spirits are guiders and lead their masters in the way of incredible
blessings.  Not just wealth and etc but love and health and so much more.

The Photos

The simple fact of it is, there are no photos to share.  Namely because the
spirits have yet to be bound to this realm.

They are in waiting.

Waiting for you, their future master!

You cannot take a photo from within the spiritual realms.

Instant Conjurations and the Vessel

With this incredible service, as soon as purchase is made, I will obtain
information from you.  Full name.  Birthdate and finally, permission to obtain
a sample of your energies.  This sample is obtained by the use of spirits
guides.  Normally the master will only feel a slight weakness from having
their energies taken.  Whatever sensations are felt will pass quickly.

As soon as this information is received, the conjurations will begin
immediately.  An instant conjuration is only possible by those who have
100% control of spiritual forces and the spiritual realms.  In this case, my
master certainly does.  In less than 48 hours, three of the realms most
powerful spirits will be bound to your body!  You can immediately from that
point begin with the bonding.  Of course, I will provide the most accurate
and powerful of invocation rituals that guarantee the strongest bond

If you desire the spirits to be bound to a physical item such as a ring or
pendant, this can be done and will be done.  Please keep in mind if you
choose to have them bound to a physical item, the item will be shipped.  
This will add some to the amount of time before you receive them.

What is Included

As with all of my spirits, I included REAL invocation rituals and plenty of
extra information to assist with the bonding!  Not only this, but I am happy to
include powerful rituals and spells that will assist you in all that you desire.  
This ranges from positive energies to banishing of evil!

Not only this my friends, but I am also here to answer all questions and to
assist in any way that I can!  I do not disappear once the transaction is
over!  Bid with Confidence!  When you bid on one of my powerful auctions,
you know that you are getting not only the best there is, but a friend to

I personally answer every email!

Every question... And I stay in contact with all that purchase from me and
the ones that don’t!

I included everything that you will need and will never make anyone pay
extra for something that they should have received.


It is YOUR Life

My friends, with these unbelievable Spirits, you must be desiring the ability
to control your own life.  The ability to control the way and what means you
live.  With these spirits and their abilities, you should know that incredible
amounts of energy accompany.  This will take some getting used to, but the
feelings of dizziness and fatigue will pass.  What will come is certainly

Please let me know if you have any questions as I am happy to address
The Power and Abilities of The Gorgon!
What do you desire?
::  The Gorgon
$300 ::
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