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Ghosts are a constant in the modern world!  There are no other spirits that are as common and
widely seen!  

Surveys have shown that a third of the population has had an encounter with these spirits.

Nearly everyone knows that ghosts are the spirits of lost souls, the spirit of a dead human
being that becomes visible.

Some of the most common appearances of ghosts is in the places where they lived or died
than to haunt a graveyard.  Many report see these ghosts on the anniversary of their death
each year.

While some ghosts can become violent this is extremely rare.  In most cases these ghosts
should have your pity, not your fear.

It is amazing that ghosts are a constant throughout history.  Even in the birth place of writing
(Mesopotamia) we find the oldest records of ghosts appearances; written on clay tablets.

In this time, it was tradition to leave food and drink for the dead to keep them were they
belong.  The October day of kiddie fun, Halloween arrives from this practice.

Thanks to the writings of N. M. Tyrrell, we have a classifying system for this spirits.

Experimental Apparitions:

This is known as astral projection by some.  The projection of a living person to another living
person some distance away.  This has very little to do with ghosts since the people involved
are alive.

Crisis Apparitions:

This is where an image of a person who is undergoing a crisis event...Accident, injury or
emotional problems, even death; appear to friends or relatives at the time of the crisis.  This
too has little to do with ghosts.

Postmortem Apparitions:

This is where images of a dead being appear to those that are living.

Continuing Apparitions:

There are where the spirits of the dead are seen by different people over a course of time.  
Continuing apparitions are known as hauntings.

While this is a wonderful system, it is only the beginning and really just a base for other
classifications are...

  • Transitional Ghosts,
  • Purposeful Ghost,
  • Graveyard Specters,
  • Entity Hauntings,
  • and Replay Hauntings
  • d
  • I will touch on this soon in a follow up to this guide.
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