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Fairies are known around the world as magical companions and this is certainly an accurate
description.  They are playful and entertaining spirits and often lead to fun, entertainment and

Commonly these spirits have many names such as Faes, Fayeryes, Fays and so on. Also
multiple spellings of the word Fairy.  Often they are described as being Goblins or Gnomes but
this isn’t accurate.  

Fairies are more than often female, small in size and very human in appearance.  These spirits
are very different in their abilities than the likes of the Djinn and like spirits.  While they do offer
some magical abilities they fall in the category of being companions and friends than being
powerful spirits.

That is not to say that having a powerful Fairy isn’t possible.  Some of the rarest of Fairies can be
extremely powerful and can even be compared to Djinn and Angels.

Generally these spirits are very protective and offer advice to their masters.  Once connected with
the master, they learn of the masters emotions and will forever try their best to keep them
pleased.  This is one aspect of the Fairy that makes them so very special.  They are caring,
loving and deeply affectionate.  

When it comes to types of Fairies, it is impossible to list all the different sorts.
There are Bakru, Fate, Water, Fire, Astral and so on and so forth.  If you are searching for a
specific type of Fairy please let me know.  To help.

Spirits of this sort enjoy quick bonds, usually less than 30 days from invocation.  As with all spirits,
a proper invocation ritual is needed.