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Powerful Enhancer Stone of Spiritual Communication

Welcome to Metaphysical Beginnings.  What you will find here is the
premier source of all that is Metaphysical.  Maybe you are seeking Real
Djinn, a Protecting Angel or a Custom Conjured Spirit.

What you find within this store is simply the best that is offered within this
quickly expanding community.  

There are many sellers that are cheaper and who listing hundreds of items
at a time, what is offered here is simply the best, most powerful and more
spiritually enhancing.

While some sellers have been in operation for just a few years (some
less), Metaphysical Beginnings has been available to those who seek the
Metaphysical for over 17 years.  My international operations have been in
place even longer.  My family’s role in the Metaphysical even longer!!!

My goal and life’s mission is to assist and to help educate those who are
seeking knowledge; those that are seeking to alter, change and enhance
their lives and the lives of others.

Those who seek spiritual companions know that there is no better, no
stronger than what you will find here.

Through Metaphysical Beginnings, our clients are known as friends and
family   We offer a level of communication that no one else can even come
close too.

No one!

Please feel free to view my store, my W.S. and to contact me for an
immediate response.  I am happy to assist you with what you are seeking.

After the completion of the sale, communication doesn’t end there.  I hold
proudly a very tight bond with my clients, my friends.  I am there for all as
that is my life’s work.  My mission.

Once you have received your package, please contact me to receive all the
required information relating to your purchase.

My friends, welcome to the Metaphysical.  Welcome to Metaphysical


Spiritual Communication Enhancer Stone

Each Enhancement Stone has been charged and casted upon in ways of
the ancients and in the ways of Modern Rites and rituals.

The purpose of this Enhancement Stone is one of Spiritual Communication.

These Stones have one powerful purpose; to expose, Enhance and open
the lines of Communication between the master and the spirit.

Works with all spirits.

Light, Dark, Angels, Djinn and so on.
Each Stone is Custom Created for the customer.

This process takes roughly one week from start to finish.

Having your personal Enhancement Stone casted and created for you
Guarantees that you receive the most powerful ad highly charged effects.
Once payment has been received, I will email you to gather information
that will be used to enhance your stone.

All information is kept private
Using Ancient and Modern rites, proven techniques and magick, these
stones are for masters that desire to have clearer and more frequent
communications with their spirits.
After following the Ancient steps of proven sense expansion, the master is
made aware of the communications that their spirit is making.

Thus, making the master aware of what their spirit need.
As we all have experienced, there comes times when our spirits
communicate.  Some times through dreams, visions, voice and telepathy.

If you desire to understand your spirits clearly, one of these Enhancement
stones are a must.
The energies that are placed upon these stones come from the spirit

Some clients can feel these energies and some cannot.

Each master has a different sensitivity level.

Some clients have the ability to even see these energies going froth, from
their Enhancement Stones into their spirits.

The rare and special energies from the Spirit Realm are passed from the
master’s Enhancement Stone to the spirit of your choice;
The results of these stones are Dramatic!!!

Naturally, each master and spiritual relationship is different and results will
These Spiritual Communication Enhancer Stones are perfect for any
master of spirits.

All spirits Benefit from these stones and the energy that is held within
them.  All masters will greatly benefit from these energies.
These stones work with all spirits.

No Matter what Spiritual Relationship you seek to enhance, this stone will
certainly give you the boost that you have been seeking.
Each Stone is hand selected and personally charged.  Only the highest
levels of energy and methods are used.

Each item is Custom Created for Maximum effect and Charge.


As a Bonus, each Enhancement Stone has an added Benefit.

Through the skills and abilities of Reiki, each stone is Blessed with the
energy charging effects of Reiki.

This translates to a constant, self Charging state for each item and an
added boost of energy for the client.

This again, translates to a huge boost in the specific Enhancement of each
The Power and Abilities of the Enhancement Stone of Spiritual Communication.
What do you desire?
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