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Spirit Type: Elder Marid Djinn

Number of Inhabited: 1

Sex: Female

Names: Only Provided to Master

Ability Rating: Extreme

Rarity Rating: Extreme

Value: Extreme

Rebindable: Yes

Vessel: Body (24 – 48 Hour Instant Conjuration)

Purchase Price: SPECIAL PRICE: BUY IT NOW $220

This incredible Djinn is an Elder Spirit.  This means she is extremely powerful
and very capable.  She is an active spirit and one of the Marid Class.

As already mentioned she is an active spirit.  A very active spirit.  One of her
most impressive aspects is that she constantly manifests in full physical form.  
She of course is only for one master as that is her way.  She will not show
herself to others.

Elder Marid Djinn are by far the most powerful, most trusted and the oldest of
these spirits.  Being oldest is only regards to their ability.  With age comes an
understanding.  Even though this spirit is an ancient she is very, very beautiful!  
By looking at upon her you would think that she is only but 18, 19.  She is
youthful, she is beautiful, she is lovely.

This spirit is also a light spirit and 100% safe for all to own and to befriend.

For the master of this spirit, as soon as she arrives to you, you will be instantly
given access to her amazing abilities.  This includes black magick, psychic
attacks and etc.


Being an Instant Conjuration this means that as soon as you make payment,
the binding of the spirit is placed upon you.  I will contact you, request some
information (full name, birthday, permissions for samples of your energies, and
so on).  Within 24 hours, the binding of your Elder will be complete my friend.

I will, once the Elder is bound to you, I will provide you with all of her private
and important information.  I will also be including a number of rituals for you
as well as the invocations.

It should be known that as soon as your energy samples are taken, you will be
placed under the protection of this Djinn.  Her protection is very much like that
of an Angelic Being.  Placed upon you.  Looking over you.  Blessing you.


As with some of the rarest of Djinn, this spirit will assist in guiding you.  She
will speak to you, in her lovely voice.  She will point you in the right direction
and will assist you with everything that you must get gone.  With all that you
want to get done.

When it is time to make a decision she will assist you with what is correct for

Guidance is only an aspect of what this lovely spirit will provide to her master.  
She will take you by the hand and will lead you to right moments in time to
receive incredible blessings.

As an Elder she knows exactly what it is that you need and she will assist with
making that come true.

She is of course a wish granter and has the abilities to provide what you seek.
The Power and Abilities of The Female Elder Marid Instant Conjuration!
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