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Frequently Asked Questions

“Are these spirits real?”

Oh yes, they are real alright!  They have been around for as long as man, actually, longer than
that!  They have been used since the moment man walked this earth! Created by God!  Many
have experienced the power of the Djinn!  As you can see from the large amount of
Testimonies that I have received, these powers are real!  Please take a moment and read what
many are saying!

“Why do the Djinn want to help us in our lives?”

The answer is quite amazing really, The Djinn, are from another realm.  They are very powerful
but they are not from this world that we know.  Basically, it is a trade off.  We give them the
chance to experience this world, to experience the beauty and all that we take for granted
every day.  They in exchange, share their incredible powers with us.  They give us the ability to
make life what we want it to be.  The better our lives are, the happier we are, the better the
experience it is for them.  It really is amazing.

“What are the Djinn vulnerable to, Water, Metals, Salts?”

They can be released by the Master and the Master alone.  It is common myth that Metals,
Water and Salt can released these spirits from the items that they are bound too.  That is just
myth!  Often said by people who sell fake spirits and need an easy way of placing blame when
the spirit doesn’t work!  Don’t be fooled!  If the seller says they can be released by something
so silly, you know they are fake items!

“What kind of objects can the Djinn be bond too?”

Just about anything really, as long as it is pure and not so flashy!  Silver is the most common
and glass is the next.  Gold items are usually fakes.  Gold is way to flashy for such secretive

“What do the Djinn not like?”

The Djinn do not like Disrespect!  You disrespect your spirit and you will have to start all over
with your bonding. They are very temperamental!

“What is the invocation ritual and who has to perform it?”

The Invocation ritual, known as The Master to Spirit (or Spirit to Master) Invocation, is the
beginning step to create a powerful bond with your spirit.  These invocations are usually very
safe, very positive and very private.  They are not overly complicated!  

The master of the item has to perform the invocations!  If the item/spirit is passed on to
another master, the invocation has to be performed by the new master!  If you are buying a
spirit from someone and they say they have taken care of everything and you do not have to
perform any invocations, they are either uneducated and shouldn’t be handling such powerful
spirits or they are fakes!!!  Also, before you buy any item containing a spirit, ask the seller what
is involved with the invocation.  If they say anything about the Triangle of Solomon or casting a
circle, immediately walk away.  These are not invocation rituals but ancient and very powerful
summoning rituals.  These can very extremely Dangerous!!!!!!

“What if my Djinn doesn’t like me?”

It isn’t a matter of liking or disliking!  It is more commonly a problem that can be fixed.  It can
be a number of differently things ranging from negative energy to improper invocations.  If you
are having a problem, please ask for some help.  I am here to help.

“What if I have more than one Djinn or Spirit?”

If you have more than one real Djinn/Spirit, you then need to perform a Multiple Spirit
Invocation.  It is a must!!!  It is common for spirits to fight for the attention of their masters and
often they will block each other from making a good, strong bond or connection.  They are very

“Do I get unlimited wishes?”

The number of wishes that a Djinn grant are based on how the spirit was conjured!  Some
Djinn have been conjured to perform a certainly number of blessings.  It is common for sellers
to be selling either fake items or items that have been used/drained of their wishing powers
and the spirit has been released.
It is rare but possible to have items that offer True unlimited wishes and power.  The items that
you find here are real, they are powerful!  I only offer items that offer unlimited power and

“Can I really see my spirit?”

In most cases yes!  All spirits are able to manifest visual and some are able to do so
physically!  Depending on how the spirits are bound and what type of connection/bond there is
with the master, the Djinn can show themselves in a number of different ways.  Also,
depending on the personality of the spirit, the visual result can be different!  
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