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An Introduction to Demons:  Real world meanings and terminology.

As a friend of mine and I have been discussing, the term “Demon” has really been used in a way that is
out of context in the modern world.  This is especially true the Christian belief system.  
In this guide, you will find some really interesting facts about “Demons.”   In these emails alone it easy to
see the sort of thinking that is required when talking about these spirits.
To begin, I will share with you a series of emails that I received and sent from/to a good friend.  This is
part of a conversation about the connection between Demons and the Djinn spirits.

The Question

I have a quick question for you. I saw somebody ask you if Djinn were demons, and you said that they
are not. That is good news to all of us, but it does cause me to wonder. I have read Muslim scholars who
say that Satan was actually a Shaitan djinn, and in fact, the name Satan is derived from the word
Shaitan. This would imply that while not all Djinn are demons, at least many Demons, if not all, are Djinn.
Would you agree? Or have I missed something along the way while deducing this?
Thank you,

The Answer

Good morning my friend,

I hope that you are doing well my friend. It is always so great to hear from you! How is your recovery?

As for the question about the Demons, this is more of a complicated answer than most and much really
depends on your views and your translations.

In many cultures all spirits are described as "Demons." Since the beginning of recorded history,
Demons have often been referred as being all spirits. When a spirit is called a Demon, this is one of the
most misunderstood meanings of the ancient ways.

With the Djinn, there is a certain amount of give in each way. While one says that they have a
connection with Satan the other would be that this is an example of translation and the meaning behind
the word "evil."
Now, I personally go by my own definitions. Any spirit that will purposely cause trouble, do evil and
cause harm is a “Demon.” If any spirit has evil routes, this is a demon. As for the Djinn, I certainly do
not see them as being Demons at all. Through my experiences, I have never come across one that is
evil. Ever! Any spirit that I have that is evil is a Demon. I try to separate the two forces.

While some Djinn (depending on how the spirit is bound and invoked) will do as the master asks, even it
if is wrong or immoral, the price of this doesn't fall on the spirit, but on the soul of the master.

So do I agree that while not all Djinn are demons, at least many Demons, if not all, are Djinn, I certainly
do not. If you want to use the word "demon" to describe any spirit then I would support that claim.

My friend, I hope all of that makes sense. haha It is still early. :-) If you have any more questions I would
love to talk about this more.

Enjoy your day good friend.
Many blessings

The Follow Up

I love conversations like this! I understand what you mean. And it does make sense.
Here's the thing, Evil, like beauty, is largely in the eye of the beholder. What one society sees as
inherently "evil," another might perform for reasons that they consider "survival."
So who, of us mortals, is qualified to judge what is evil, and what is not? A highly educated person can
only at best, make an educated guess. So then it seems best to avoid labeling things as good and evil
and simply decide what serves us and what doesn't. Those of us who are dedicated to doing the
"Highest Good" should seek out and utilize spirits that serve our idea of that.
Interestingly, many of the chief gods and dieties of conquered civilizations were immediately labeled
"Demons" by their conquerors in an effort to subdue and convert the conquered people. The conquered
people were told that the reason they were conquered is because their chief diety was actually inferior
and could not win against the "true God(s)." Romans were notorious for this.
So many "Demons" were really not connected to Satan in any way. They were simply demonized by
more successful military powers. Christianity is one of the worst offenders. Many dieties who have
stood for virtuosity have been demonized simply because they were not part of the Christian pantheon.
So when somebody refers to something as a Demon, I often want to know why. What qualifies this spirit
as a Demon? Is it the behavior of the spirit? Or is it simply a victim of demonization?
I think we are both saying the same thing. What a spirit does speaks louder than what it is called.
And yes, I am still healing quite well. I see the Wound Specialist tomorrow and I expect to suprise them
with how far I have come.

I will be adding more to this guide soon.  I will also be adding more guides so keep checking back.
Many blessings
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