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Dark Spirits: Djinn, Angels, ETC
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An Introduction to Dark Spirits:

Dark Spirits are not to be confused with Demons or with Evil Spirits.  These are simply spirits that will
stop at nothing to grant the wishes of the master.  This can come at a price though.  These spirits will
grant the master's wishes no matter what the situation and no matter what the repercussions.

These Spirits can be Djinn, Angels, Watchers, Khodam and so on.

Everyone that brings a Dark Spirit into their home should know that your desires will manifest in the
ways that you ask them too.  If you wish harm on to others, it will happen.  There is a price to this of
course, as you all know, what goes around comes around!

Keep that in mind when using Dark Spirits.

There are ways to control Dark Spirits and these methods and Invocations are supplied to those who
purchase these spirits from Metaphysical Beginnings.  

Dark Spirits can take some time to bond with.  They are extremely powerful and can be
Temperamental.  That is another thing to keep in mind before purchasing them.

I Recommend Dark Spirit to those who are experienced in other forms of Spirits.  These should be used
with respect and careful thought.  
Remember this when using Dark Spirits:

Carefully consider your wish/desire.

Think of the repercussions!

Word your wishes carefully!

Respect is KEY!

Dark Spirits are INCREDIBLY Powerful and will stop
at nothing to make your desires manifest!
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