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Custom Conjured Watcher
Custom Conjured Watcher Purchase Options!
I accept payments via Paypal, Money Order, Western Union, Money Gram and Personal Check.
Payment Options
Custom Conjured Watcher
Custom Conjured Watcher
The power of the Watcher is limitless my friends.  With such an incredible spirit, money means
nothing, as wealth is on tap.

Love, Health, Happiness and so much more!!!

The only limits is yourself!
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With this Service, it will take a less than a month for your powerful
Watcher to arrive to you.  There will be many communications with me
concerning the Watcher Spirit that you desire.
My teacher,  will Conjure the Watcher that you Desire!
What I am offering is a custom conjured Watcher Spirit.  These incredible Spirits are extremely
powerful and extremely rare.  It will  be in the item (vessel) that you choose…A Ring, a Pendent,
Amulet, a Charm, etc.  Whatever your desire, I guarantee that this spirit will have a very positive effect
on your life and that it will able to grant all that you desire.

It will take less than one month from the time I get all the information on the Spirit that you desire to
receive your Spirit…Fully charged with the rare and powerful Watcher that you have been seeking.  
This is your one chance to have the power that you have always wanted and in the form that you have
always wanted.  

Once you have paid for this service, I will have to collect some information from you concerning the
Watcher Spirit that you desire.  I will contact you often throughout the weeks to keep you up to date on
your item until it is ready!  I will be with you every step of the way my friends!

After Payment has been received, I will email you shortly and we will being work on your Spirit!
What is the Watcher?

Since the beginning of mankind, the Watchers have existed!  Mentioned many many times in the Bible
and in very old texts, we know that these incredible spirits were able to mingle with mankind!  Able to
help them, able to teach them!

This spirits are often confused with the Djinn but it is know that they are a very different spirits all
together!  Extremely powerful and the most experienced in Magick, these spirits can easily shape-shift
into many many different types of animals and storms.  It is this power that often gets them confused
with the Djinn, that serve the Watchers so generously!

The Watcher is such a rare spirit and powerful in ways that many will never get to experience!  Capable
of fulfilling unlimited wishes for their masters!

Besides their ability to shape-shift (which they share with their masters), these unbelievable spirits are
very skilled in matter which gives them the ability to create treasures that are magnificent!  Their power
goes hand in hand with that of King Solomon and his incredible Temple!  Telekinesis, 3rd Eye of Sight
and so much more is just the beginning!

Since their casting down to earth, it is known that these spirits live on the other side of the realm (or
Gauntlet), watching and envying the emotions and lives of Humans.  It is this envy my friends that
gives them that much more power over the Djinn (Marid, Immortals and Dragons).  This envy is so
great that to just to be with a human master, they are will to give their master the opportunity to
Trade-Places!  These Watchers are willing to trade their existence and gladly deal with humans or
other beings. They can create marvelous things, teach profound secrets and generally aid people, and
their works are known for their great beauty and value.  It is this Trade that makes them so Valuable!  It
is this Trading of powers (whenever the Master desires to do so) that makes them so rare!
Did you know that the Powerful Watcher Spirit has been around before the time of man?  
In the bible, these powerful Spirits are mentioned...
Please read below...

Malalael "named [his son] Jared because during his lifetime the angels of the Lord who were called
Watchers descended to earth to teach mankind and to do what is just and upright upon the earth" -
Jubilees 4:15

"When Mastema, the leader of the spirits, came, he said: 'Lord creator, leave some of them before me; let
them listen to me and do everything that I tell them, because if none of them is left for me I shall not be
able to exercise the authority of my will among mankind.” –
Jubilees 10:8-9
:: Custom
Watcher Spirit
These pictures are of an already sold Watcher spirit!  This is not the item that
you will be receiving!  These pictures are for you to be able to see their great
The Exquisite Collection
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