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Custom Conjured Sluagh
Custom Conjured Sluagh Purchase Options!
I accept payments via Paypal, Money Order, Western Union, Money Gram and Personal Check.
Payment Options
Custom Conjured Sluagh
Custom Conjured Sluahg
The power and abilities of Sluagh are limitless.  With such an incredible spirit, money means nothing,
as wealth is on tap and the world is yours.  Your life is yours!

Love, Health, Happiness and so much more!!!  Not even mentioning protection and guidance.

The only limits is yourself!  Be careful and think carefully before asking for you wish to be granted!
With this Service, it will take a less than a month for your Incredible Dark
Spirit to arrive to you.  There will be many communications with me
concerning the powerful Spirit that you desire.
My teacher,  will Conjure the Dark Spirit that you Desire!
What I am offering is a custom conjured Sluagh.  These incredible Spirits are extremely
powerful and extremely rare.  It will be in the item (vessel) that you choose…A Ring, a
Pendent, Amulet, a Charm, etc if you do not want a physical binding.  Whatever your desire, I
guarantee that this spirit will have a very positive effect on your life and that it will able to grant
all that you desire.

It will take less than one month from the time I get all the information on the Spirit that you
desire to receive your Spirit…Fully charged with the Sluagh that you have been seeking.  This
is your one chance to have the power that you have always wanted and in the form that you
have always wanted.  

Once you have paid for this service, I will have to collect some information from you
concerning the Sluagh that you desire.  I will contact you often throughout the weeks to keep
you up to date on your item until it is ready!  I will be with you every step of the way my friends!

After Payment has been received, I will email you shortly and we will being work on your Spirit!
:: Custom
:: $800
The Exquisite Collection
Copyright © 2013 Onstar28607. All rights reserved.
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An Introduction to Dark Spirits/Sluagh:

Dark Spirits are not to be confused with Demons or with Evil Spirits.  These are simply spirits that will
stop at nothing to grant the wishes of the master.  This can come at a price though.  These spirits will
grant the master's wishes no matter what the situation and no matter what the repercussions.

These Spirits can be Djinn, Angels, Watchers, Khodam and so on.  These include the almighty

Everyone that brings a Dark Spirit into their home should know that your desires will manifest in the
ways that you ask them too.  If you wish harm on to others, it will happen.  There is a price to this of
course, as you all know, what goes around comes around!

Keep that in mind when using Dark Spirits.

There are ways to control Dark Spirits and these methods and Invocations are supplied to those who
purchase these spirits from Metaphysical Beginnings.  

Dark Spirits can take some time to bond with.  They are extremely powerful and can be
Temperamental.  That is another thing to keep in mind before purchasing them.

I Recommend Dark Spirit to those who are experienced in other forms of Spirits.  These should be
used with respect and careful thought.  
Remember this when using Sluagh:

Carefully consider your wish/desire.

Think of the repercussions!

Word your wishes carefully!

Respect is KEY!

Sluagh Spirits are INCREDIBLY Powerful and will
stop at nothing to make your desires manifest!
If you need any assistance with this service, please feel free to contact me at
any time.  I am here to assist everyone with any questions that they may have.


Custom Conjured Sluagh Spirits : The Restless Dead

Power of the Darkness, Bound with White Magick


Welcome my dear friends to my latest Custom Conjured Offering!  These incredible
Spirits are truly one of a kind and are brought to you by the hands of the world’s
most powerful Conjurer!  

From the love of the village Meidum which was founded by Snofru in the 4th
Dynasty, resides my elder Master.


This type of Spirit is known by some, unknown to many, and should be revered by
all!  The rarity of such spirits makes them extremely valuable!

This auction is a BUY IT NOW only!


These ancient spirits, some as old as 7023 years, comes from the might of two
years of conjurations!  

Sweat, Tears, Blood, Elation and Trepidation went into this conjuration!

As it stands, two of these incredible spirits are ready to be bound to any vessel that
you choose.  It has taken over two years to come to this point.  Two years of
conjurations have gotten us to this point!


I welcome you all to the power of the Sluagh!

As mentioned, there are two spirits ready to be bound to the vessel that you
choose.  Only the masters of these spirits will know of their names!


The Sluagh


The mysterious spirit Sluagh is also known as

Sluagh Na Marbh!  This rare name means, Host of the Dead/Unforgiven of the

Throughout the world these spirits are known for their extremely dark and troubled
history!  For the most part, the myth that surrounds them is completely true.  

They are Dark Spirits.

Known as Sinners and Evil Souls of the Spiritual world!  These spirits are neither
accepted at the gates of Heaven nor the fires of Hell!  It is also said that they not
salutated even at the likes of the Pagan Otherworld.


In many recites of spiritual history, it is said within the Books of the Dead that the
Spirits of the Sluagh Na Marbh travel the mountain sides, the valleys, deserts, the
coasts and all the lands looking for those who are at deaths door.  Attempting to
enter their homes and carry away their souls…Adding them to their own collection.

It is also said that they attract the likes of the Elder Spirits.  Including the most
powerful Djinn, Abkian, Watchers, Khodam and others magickal Spirits.  Convincing
them to join their ranks and add their abilities to the collective.


Along with their troubled history comes a long record of their great powers!  From
the millenniums of attracting and adding to their numbers, these incredible spirits
have added to their abilities and their strengths of that of endless number of Spirits.  

From the abilities of the Djinn, Angels, Khodam, Devata, Warlocks and Magicians.  

From all of the spirits of the Spiritual Realms.

From the intelligence of the smartest minds, the all seeing eyes of the true lost
psychics and healers of great strength!

…and so much more…


These Spirits Known as the Sluagh were certainly no easy task to Summon and
Conjure!  As I mentioned it took over 2 years to full bring these powerful spirits to
this realm.  

Two years to bind these spirits under the laws of the White Magick!

Two years to place these laws upon these spirits!

Two years to gain control of the Sluagh!

Two years to have them ready for their masters!

Are you the one?


With the power of these Dark Sluagh Spirits fully prevented from doing harm and
bound by Pure Law, they are ready for their master!  Their strength, abilities,
wisdom, knowledge and more are ready to be harnessed!  

Ready to be used in whatever ways the master desires!

Imagine all that you want and it is only a click away!  These spirits are seeking out
their masters and it will be very interesting to see who they choose!

Will it be you?

Do you feel drawn to them?

If so, You May be their next Master(s)!

Their abilities are truly limitless and hard to list.  I will do my best!  It goes without
saying that these are certainly the most powerful spirits I have ever offered!  EVER!

You know means something when I say that as I rarely ever make this statement!

These incredible spirits are capable of all and should be used only with clear
thought and by those who welcome every sort of experience to come next.

The power of these spirits are so great there is no telling what will happen!  Your
wishes will be granted but it may be more than you ever imagined!

With that said, it is important to state that with such a Powerful Dark Spirit, they are
willing and capable of causing harm to others!  

You need to listen to my warnings!

These spirits are not a mere entities but powerful allies that will do as you ask!

These Spirits bring limitless Magickal Power and I cannot stress strongly enough
just how powerful they are.

Do not bid unless you have a strong interest in the paranormal and the

As mentioned, there are two spirits being offered here.  One male and one female.  
When you purchase, I will contact you and ask which you wish to obtain.  


These Dark Spirits offer…

Unlimited wishes of incredible strength, the Master the ability of invisibility, Alter the
minds of others, Travel instantly, physically, and astrally, the ability to manage and
control others, to attract lovers of all ages, Ability to cause fascination with
everyone, man, woman or beast; Psychic powers, vengeance, Mind reading and
mind altering, Enhanced sex freedom and feat…

This and so much more.

Wealth, Cash, Homes, Health….



Where are the pictures


As you may have noticed, there are no photos of these Spirits located within the
listing!  There is a reason for this!  These spirits has not yet been bound to a vessel
yet!  They have been conjured and await the vessel of your choosing.

Yes, these spirits have been conjured, they have been summoned but the last steps
have not been completed yet!  

The binding to the vessel which is the final step will take place after these Spirits
have found their new masters!

Once the auction is over, I will personally work with the master concerning which
vessel is fitting for the new master.

With such powerful and special Spirits, the master should have full control over the
vessel that they desire.  

It is suggested that the winner send me the vessel in which to be used by the
spirits.  A personal item that is highly regarded and special to the master!

Something to make these spirits even more special to the master!

These are truly amazing Spirits and one amazing opportunity!  There may be no
chances like this again.
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