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Posted by: Luke
Filed under: Custom Conjured Khodam    
Custom Conjured
Custom Conjured Khodam Purchase Options!
I accept payments via Paypal, Money Order, Western Union, Money Gram and Personal Check.
Payment Options
Posted by: Luke
Filed under: Custom Conjured Khodam
Custom Conjured Devata
Posted by: Luke
Filed under: Custom Conjured Khodam
Custom Conjured
The power and love of an Khodam is limitless my friends.  With such an incredible spirit, money
means nothing, as wealth is on tap.

Love, Health, Happiness and so much more!!!  Not even mentioning protection and guidance.

The only limits is yourself!
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With this Service, it will take a less than a month for your Khodam to
arrive to you.  There will be many communications with me concerning
the powerful Khodam that you desire.
My teacher will Conjure the Spirit that you Desire!
Haunted – Custom Conjured Ilmu Khodam –Extremely Rare  
7th Generation Conjuror – The Time is Now!


This is an incredible chance my dear friends to have the Ilmu Khodam that you have always desired!  A
powerful Spirit that is exactly what you have been longing for!   This incredible opportunity to have all that
you have ever wanted comes from the hands of the Most Powerful Conjuror ever known, Mahmod!
A 7th Generation Master Conjuror who abilities go far beyond the world of Magick, far beyond that of
other lower level Conjurors.  His abilities and skills are known around the world and he has taught not only
I but many of the conjurors who have spiritual offers here on Ebay.  His powers and abilities to summon
the most powerful of all spirits are unmatched and revered!


What is an Ilmu Khodam?
While these incredible spirit can come from a number of different spirit realms, the most powerful of all
Ilmu Khodam come from the spirit realm of Oranath!  The Spirit Realm of Oranath is a great plane of
powerful Spirits!  Spirits that most humans have never experienced and all should!  This incredible realm is
home to the Ghosts of Heros, Home to the Gods of elements, Home to the likes of Heroes, Kings and

These spirits are very much like that of the Djinn, or Watchers, equally great in their abilities and skills!  
But, these spirits do offer more than the average Djinn or spirit from other realms!  Many offer the power
of Many Spirits!  Some offer the powers equal to that of Hundreds of Djinn!
These incredible Spirits, known as Khodam or as Ilmu Khodam are the best of the Spirit World!  These
unbelievable spirits are known as being a mix of the most powerful Marid Djinn and the most powerful and
beautiful of Archangel.

The power and ability of an Elder Marid Djinn and the love, caring and loyalty of an Archangel!
These incredible Spirits are acknowledged throughout the world of Spirits and conjurers as powerful
familiar spirits, capable of granting all wishes and all desires that are asked of them!
Not only this, but they do so with the passion and caring of an Angel!

This Powerful God like spirits are capable of limitless granting, go way beyond that of simple wishes and
giving of blessings.

These Spirits are EXTREMELY active and their presence is undeniable!
They offer their masters tremendous wisdom and guidance and certainly are not as temperamental as
that of a Djinn!

When bonding with these incredible spirits is by itself such a blessing!  Their energies and great Magickal
Powers never cease to amaze!

These Spirits are all powerful and all giving!  All loving and all caring!  Powerful Spirit that are masters of
Illusion and psychic abilities!  Able to teach their masters in telekinesis and the world of Conjuration!  Able
to turn the average man or woman into a powerful Shaman.  Able to give the master a hidden "sixth" sense
which can open up countless doors to other realms and other areas of the Metaphysical!
There power cannot be denied and is easily felt!
The question is my friend, What Do You Desire?  The power to change all with a simple asking?  Do you
desire wealth and love?  Do you desire sight into the known?  Think about this for a moment my friends,
What Can a Ilmu Khodam Do For You?
"Am I ready for a change in my life?"
"What is money in the face of endless wealth?"
"Do I really want what is best in life?"
"Do I need a spirit to guide me and protect me?"
This is one of those moments that rarely come along my friends.  A moment of change and possibility!  
You know me and trust me as I have helped many of you.
If you are ready to take control of your life and start living the life that you desire, this is the spirit that can
make all of those changes for you!


This is such a rare opportunity to have an Extremely Rare Ilmu Khodam at your side!  I personally
guarantee that your Ilmu Khodam Spirit will have a very positive effect on your life and all of your desires
will be granted!

This is an incredible service of Conjuring Custom Spirits is something that I been offering for a long time
now.  Many of you have chosen to have your spirits conjured by Mahmod and your lives have been
changed forever.

Isn't time for you to have a Real Change in your life?
I know that there are many on Ebay who have copied this listing (and many others) but in the end, your
heart will tell you who is legit.  Let you hearts guide you my friends.


What I am offering is a Powerful Spirit known as The Ilmu Khodam!!!!  A powerful spirit is a mix of Djinn
and Angel!  The best of both spirits!


The abilities of these spirits are endless and you should know that all that is asked of them will come true.
Money and Wealth, Luck, Happiness, Health, Love, Healing. Psychic Abilities, Knowledge, Intelligence,
Beauty, success…..And so much more.  With the Marid, Unlimited Wishes await their masters!


Once you have made payment, I will have to collect lots of information about what you desire from your
spirit.  You can call them traits or special abilities.

When conjuring Powerful Spirits, it is more than what you desire; it is what they desire as well!  As many of
you have experienced, at times you are drawn to a Spirit, you can feel that you were meant to be with that
Spirit, it is the same way with the Spirit themselves.  Just as easily as you are drawn to a Spirit, they are
drawn to their master!  You can rest assured that the Spirit that is Conjured for you will desires to be with

This is a chance of a life time, a chance to have a powerful Ilmu Khodam Spirit at your side, guarding you,
blessings you, guiding you and offering more than you have ever imagined!


It will take at least two weeks to have your spirit conjured my the Powerful Mahomd and I will be with you
every step of the way giving you updates about the progress and about your Spirit.
You are purchasing REAL and AUTHENTIC items and I will be here to answer all of your questions and if
you desire it, I will educate you on how to shorten the bonding period and increase your abilities with your
spirits.  This includes their abilities and the Powers that they possess.
You have been brought here for a reason my friends, follow you heart!
:: Custom
:: $240
The Exquisite Collection
Copyright © 2013 Onstar28607. All rights reserved.
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