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Haunted – Custom Conjured Kami – Angelic Spirit


Spirit Type: Angelic Spirit – Custom Conjured

Number of Inhabited: 1 per Conjure

Sex: Male and Female : Unisex

Name: Only Provided to Master

Ability Rating: Very High

Rarity Rating: Extreme

Value: Very High

Rebindable: Yes

Vessel: Vessel of Your Choice. Body or Physical Item


This is your opportunity to have a Custom Conjured Kami. They are Angelic
in form and powerful just as their Djinn counterparts.  Often seen in the most
brightest of spiritual lights their presence is stunning.   When their
manifestations take place, it is common for all of those around them to

Masters of such spirits do not have to worry about this as the spirit will
confuse the minds of others.  Immediately after seeing their manifestations,
anyone that isn't the spirits master will become confused and misguided.

The power of the Kami spirit is that off an upper level Marid Djinn.  They are
capable of granting wishes and able to give their masters many rewards.  
While not the most powerful of spirits, what they lack in ability they make up
in other areas.

These spirits are very caring and compassionate.  They make great
companions and often enjoy the company of their masters.  Masters should
expect to carry on long term conversations and be prepared for questions
and their inquisitive nature.  They desire to learn of our ways, our thinking
and the realm that we are from.  For the Kami, simply being part of the lives
of the master is the greatest of rewards.

Binding times of these spirits is very short, similar to that of the Devata and
the Khodam.  Much shorter than that of the Watcher and Marid Djinn.

This alone is a tremendous gift to masters of these spirits.

Amongst their abilities, these spirits are able to control certain degrees of
weather.  Even on the hottest, motionless of nights, these spirits will create
gusts of pleasant breezes.  They will bring rain to cool the soul of their

Masters that decide to walk with their spirits will constantly be given great
gifts.  These may be in the likes of waterfalls, beautiful mountains and so
on.  When they feel the love of their masters, they give to their masters that
much more.


Male or Female


The Kami are unisex spirits.  Not full male and not fully female.  To spirits
such as these, matters mean nothing.  Their temperament is that of caring,
nurturing and adoring.  At the same time, they are strong and protecting.  
When in their presence, you can literally feel their power.  Both sides of their
power.  The male influence and the female influence.

Each Vessel Comes with Two powerful Kami Spirits!

Custom Conjured


This is an incredible chance my dear friends to have a powerful and
enhancing Kami Conjured specifically for you.

When you have a Custom Conjuration completed on your behalf, a spirit is
conjured using your own energies to draw out the spirit that desires to be
with you the most.  This is extremely powerful and not a service that is
exercised properly by other merchants.

Through the Custom Conjuration, the Powerful Kami that you have always
desired is conjured and summoned specifically for you.

A Powerful Spirit that is exactly what you have been yearning for!   This
incredible opportunity to have all that you have ever wanted comes from the
hands of the Most Powerful Conjuror ever known, Mahmod!

A 7th Generation Master Conjuror who abilities go far beyond the world of
Magick, far beyond that of other lower level Conjurors.  His abilities and
skills are known around the world and he has taught not only I but many of
the conjurors who have spiritual offers here on Ebay.  His powers and
abilities to summon the most powerful of all spirits are unmatched and

Many of my clients have experienced his abilities and none as disappointed.
The Power and Abilities of the Custom Conjuration Kami Angel.
What do you desire?
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