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Posted by: Luke
Filed under: Custom Conjured Angels    
Custom Conjured Angels
Custom Conjured Angels Purchase Options!
I accept payments via Paypal, Money Order, Western Union, Money Gram and Personal Check.
Payment Options
Posted by: Luke
Filed under: Custom Conjured Angels
Custom Conjured Angels
Posted by: Luke
Filed under: Custom Conjured Angels
Custom Conjured Angels
The power and love of an Angel is limitless my friends.  With such an incredible spirit, money means
nothing, as wealth is on tap.

Love, Health, Happiness and so much more!!!  Not even mentioning protection and guidance.

The only limits is yourself!
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With this Service, it will take a less than a month for your Angel to arrive
to you.  There will be many communications with me concerning the
powerful Angel that you desire.
My teacher,  will Conjure the Angel that you Desire!
What I am offering is a custom conjured Angel.  These incredible Spirits are extremely powerful and
extremely rare.  It will  be in the item (vessel) that you choose…A Ring, a Pendent, Amulet, a Charm,
etc.  Whatever your desire, I guarantee that this spirit will have a very positive effect on your life and
that it will able to grant all that you desire.

It will take less than one month from the time I get all the information on the Spirit that you desire to
receive your Spirit…Fully charged with the rare Angel that you have been seeking.  This is your one
chance to have the power that you have always wanted and in the form that you have always wanted.  

Once you have paid for this service, I will have to collect some information from you concerning the
Angel that you desire.  I will contact you often throughout the weeks to keep you up to date on your
item until it is ready!  I will be with you every step of the way my friends!

After Payment has been received, I will email you shortly and we will being work on your Spirit!
The Power and Love of Angels!

Angels sing in our hearts and protect us with their love and beauty.  Power to grant all in the most
positive way!  Are you the New Master of these gifts from Heaven?

Since Angels are composed of ethereal matter, this allows them to appear to their masters in
whichever physical form that the master desires most!  I have always desired to see my Angels
in their true forms, beauty and light, wings that are open.  To see and experience the power of
Angels is a gift like that of no other, and that is what I am offering here today!
Angels do enjoy and intimate relationships with God and their masters!  Giving their masters, a
sense of incredible protection and an aura that surrounds us!  Protects us and gives us
Angels are the essence of love and joy, and for their master, an endless supply of wealth, great
health, and blessings!  What do you desire from an Angel?
These breathtaking  Angels can assist you with anything that you wish!  There is no Limit!  In
fact, these Angels are able to offer their masters the same level of power than that of Djinn, but
no Djinn can give the same blessing with this amount of love and care!  Their love for the
master is immeasurable!

Archangels are extremely powerful and very rare in number.  To conjure an Archangel is very
hard to do but so very worth it the labor and energy.  It is said that Archangels watch over the
other types of Angels (which is almost limitless).

Guardian Angels are the ones that personally watch over us.  All of us.  If you believe in them
or not, these Angels are with you.  To have an Angel to be bound to you is one of this earth's
greatest treasures!  Your life will never be the same!
All of the Archangels are also healers who come as master surgeons to mend our souls and
four lower bodies - etheric, mental, emotional and physical.

The Archangels predate us by millions of years and are reported to have been our first
teachers on the spiritual path.
:: Custom
Guardian Angel
:: Custom
:: $150
The Exquisite Collection
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