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Posted by: Luke
Filed under: Custom Conjured Abkian    
Custom Conjured Abkian
Custom Conjured Abkian Purchase Options!
I accept payments via Paypal, Money Order, Western Union, Money Gram and Personal Check.
Payment Options
Posted by: Luke
Filed under: Custom Conjured Abkian
Custom Conjured Abkian
Posted by: Luke
Filed under: Custom Conjured Abkian
Custom Conjured Abkian
The power and abilities of the Abkian is limitless.  With such an incredible spirit, money means
nothing, as wealth is on tap and the world is yours.  Your life is yours!

Love, Health, Happiness and so much more!!!  Not even mentioning protection and guidance.

The only limits is yourself!
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With this Service, it will take a less than a month for your Abkian Djinn to
arrive to you.  There will be many communications with me concerning
the powerful AbkianDjinn that you desire.
My teacher,  will Conjure the Abkian Djinn that you Desire!
What I am offering is a custom conjured Abkian Djinn.  These incredible Spirits are extremely
powerful and extremely rare.  It will  be in the item (vessel) that you choose…A Ring, a
Pendent, Amulet, a Charm, etc.  Whatever your desire, I guarantee that this spirit will have a
very positive effect on your life and that it will able to grant all that you desire.

It will take less than one month from the time I get all the information on the Spirit that you
desire to receive your Spirit…Fully charged with the rare Abkian Djinn that you have been
seeking.  This is your one chance to have the power that you have always wanted and in the
form that you have always wanted.  

Once you have paid for this service, I will have to collect some information from you
concerning the Abkian Djinn that you desire.  I will contact you often throughout the weeks to
keep you up to date on your item until it is ready!  I will be with you every step of the way my

After Payment has been received, I will email you shortly and we will being work on your Spirit!
What is an Abkian Djinn?

In 1957, excavators working for my Great Uncle discovered the first remnants of a long lost
Djinn civilization - The Abki.  These remnants include ancient scripts detailing the power that
they were able to summon and the blessings that were given to the people.  The scripts talk of
an awesome power, a great spirit what would change the course of history forever.

The Egyptians knew that there are at least two realms, the world of light in which we live and a
world of light in which these ancient spirits lived. 10,000 years ago the Egyptians opened a
gate between our realm and theirs.  Before they closed this gate, they were able to summon a
very small number of great Djinns.

Now with these scripts and artifacts in the hands of my great teacher, they can be conjured
again.  This is an incredible chance to be the master of one of the rarest and most powerful of
all Djinn!

These Spirits that are not only loyal to humanity but eager to help and improve our lives.

For thousands of years the great Egyptian culture was blessed and taken care of because of
these spirits.  The Pharaohs used this Great Spirit to bless their people.  Food, wealth, and
luxury were common.

After a great struggle in power, the Abkian spirit vanished. Only a few artifacts and mysterious
scripts remained; all which were hidden in the world's most remote places. These artifacts
speak of an incredible spirit, a Djinn that thrive in the light, waiting for the day when its power
could be used again.

After finding the first ancient script in the early, 1950’s, he began to uncover the secrets of this
lost Djinn. My Great Uncle, an archaeologist, he began collecting Abkian artifacts in the mid

The one that controls the great Abkian Djinn will become so very powerful; Blessed with all
desires.  Incredible Wealth, Love and Lust, and Happiness on tap!  That is not all of course,
what you desire is an easy step away.  Are you ready to take this step?
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Abkian Djinn
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