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Posted by: Luke
Filed under: Custom Conjured Djinn                     
Custom Conjured Djinn
Custom Conjured Djinn Purchase Options!
There are 5 levels of Strength, ranging from Strongest to Weakest, left to right.
Payment Options
Posted by: Luke
Filed under: Custom Conjured Djinn
Custom Conjured Djinn
Posted by: Luke
Filed under: Custom Conjured Djinn
Custom Conjured Djinn
What level of spirit is right for you?  This certainly depends to each master.  What do you feel ready
for?  You want to tip toe in to the world of the Djinn with a weaker but still very capable Spirit or do you
want to the most powerful and the most giving of all?

The choice is yours and if you have any questions, please contact and I will be very happy to answer
your questions.
Wow, what to choose?  What do you desire?  The realm of Djinn is
Extensive!  There is no limit to the type and power you can have
conjured just for you!  Please read below for some powerful examples
that you can choose from.  

If you desire the power and ability of the Ilmu Khodam Spirit, please
look at the Custom Conjured Ilmu Khodam Page.
What Can I have Conjured?
If you desire the power and ability of the Ilmu Khodam Spirit, Abkian Djinn, please look
at the Custom Conjured Ilmu Khodam, or the Abkian Custom Page.  
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With this Service, it will take a less than a month for your Djinn to arrive to you.  There will be many
communications with me concerning the powerful Djinn that you desire.
My teacher, Mahmod will Conjure the Djinn that you need!
What I am offering is a custom conjured Djinn.  It will be in the form that you desire…Marid, Ifrit,
Shaitan, Ghul, or Jann.  It will also be in the item that you choose…A Ring, a Pendent, Amulet, a
Charm, etc.  Whatever your desire, I guarantee that the item will have a very positive effect on your
life and that it will able to grant all that you desire.

It will take less than one month from the time I get all the information on the Spirit that you desire to
receive your Spirit…Fully charged with the Djinn (Genie) that you have been seeking.  This is your
one chance to have the power that you have always wanted and in the form that you have always

Once you have paid for this service, I will have to collect some information from you concerning the
Djinn that you desire.  I will contact you often throughout the weeks to keep you up to date on your
item until it is ready!  I will be with you every step of the way my friends!

After Payment has been received, I will email you shortly and we will being work on your Spirit!
Mahmod Ahmadenjad. A 7th generation master conjuror whose abilities are known around the world is
a very powerful friend of mine, my teacher.

For over 60 years, he has used his skills to bring the forces of the unknown to this realm.  Genies,
Spirits, Angels, and souls of past loved ones! He has helped me conjurer some of the worlds
strongest powers into items that have changed my life, my families lives, and the lives of a selected
few.  His powers and skills are unmatched and revered world wide.

What Can he do for you?
Types of Djinn: There are several different types of Djinn including...

  • The Marid who are very few in number and the most powerful of all Djinn
  • The Ifrit or Afreet are more common and tend to be harder to control because of their youngness
  • The Shaitan are masters of illusion and through myth have been pegged as being evil.  Sellers
    that do not know of them first make the same claims.  These are very loyal and kind spirits...
    Powerful as well
  • The Ghul or Ghoul is another type of Djinn that myth has pegged wrongly.  These spirits have a
    very generous side and when treated with respect grant the master amazing things!  
  • This is of course the most common of Djinn.  
:: Custom
Conjured Marid -
Powerful :: $200
:: Custom
Conjured Ghul -
Lesser Powerful
:: $120
:: Custom
Shaitan -
Powerful :: $175
:: Custom
Conjured Ifrit -
Very Powerful ::
:: Custom
Conjured Jann -
Least Powerful ::
The Exquisite Collection
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