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Posted by: Luke
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Companion Spirit Purchase Options!
I accept payments in many safe and convenient ways.  Also, you are welcome to make a offer in the
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Companion Spirits

Payment Plan

Take advantage of the Payment Plan if need be….
$100 down payment will secure this AMAZING Companion Spirits.
The balance is to be paid within ONE month from the date of the initial payment
(unless otherwise discussed).


The Payment Plan is only available for those paying the full price of this spirit. The
plan is not available for Best Offer Prices (unless otherwise discussed).
Please read the Offer/Installment FAQ for more details.  Find the link at the bottom
of this page.
If you would like to make an offer for this AMAZING Companion Spirit
or have questions please use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with
Thank you and blessed be!


Warning: If you are not ready to have your wishes brought forth do not read on.


Spiritual Companion Spirits - The Fravashi





My friends, have you ever experienced the graced moment or time when someone
gave you their undivided attention?  Has this person listened to your every word
and truthfully listened to your experiences and lifely journey?

If you have had these sort of experiences before and even if you haven’t, the time is
now to have a spiritual companion in your life.  Someone that cares for you, listens
to you, communicates and assists you with your journey.

Wonderful is life for those who have such a bond in their lives.  Companionship is
stronger than willpower, inspirational they are and comfort is given.

Not to mention than when you are weak or blue, the spiritual companion’s strength
flows to him or her from their spirit-filled companion.

Through the joy of championship, both parties are spiritually in touch with the joy of
the heart, with each other.  A synergy beyond comprehension makes that
connection stronger and refreshing.

Those who know of this companionship are not lonely or depressed.  They do not
suffer from psychological problems or pretend to smile when they truly want to




Synergy is a Greek term meaning to work together and is the term used to describe
a situation where different entities cooperate advantageously for a final result.  
Meaning my friends, that through the energy of many, the one can be blessed and

Through Championship, synergy is given.  May it be from one spirit to its master or
from many spirits to their master.  The change in one’s life is dramatic and


Companionship Spirits


My friends, these entities known as Companionship Spirits are not just for those
who are lonely and sad but for everyone.  Each of us needs that connection from
time to time.  Each of us need that release or emotion and thought.  Each of us
needs that additional energy to boost us to the level we need to be.

As we venture through life, there isn’t one person who at some point doesn’t need a
friendly ear; a friend in other words!

Through these Companionships, we each can have that friendship.  A friendship
that is far greater than any other.  A spiritual connection that reaps rewards

These entities are spirits known as Fravashis and when met with their human
companions so many incredible benefits are given.  Communication is generally
telepathic, clairaudience, with archetypes and visual imagery.  Clairvoyance used
with a mixture of meditation and through dreams brings about the greatest level of
communication and connection.  Through these bonds, these ties, our lives can be
full and stressless.

Those of you who are worried about not being able to connect to their Spiritual
Companions do not have to.  Even for those who lack abilities of meditation and
clairvoyance these spirits will handle these means of connection.

Amongst these amazing and incredibly beneficial gifts these spirits can give their
human counterparts creative abilities, both mental and physical healing, spiritual
development and protection from real world events.


The Process


After purchase, I personally will gather information from you and address any
questions that you may have.  From this information a sample of your energy is
used to explore the spiritual realms for a compatible Fravashi.

From the moment a Companion Spirit is found they will be bound to a lovely Spirit
Stone.  Once you have initiated the bond between the spirit and yourself, the stone
does not have to be kept in your pocket or even with yourself.  Once the connection
is made, you will enjoy the joy of friendship.


Please contact me and ask any questions you may have for there are no others as
experienced as I!  
Synergy, Companionship, Joy, Love, Peace and so much more
are given by the

If you have any questions please let me know.
Please take a moment to experience the Power of a Companion Spirit.  
Read the listing and feel the positive flow.  
The power of the Companion Spirit
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Companion Spirits
Companion Spirits
Note II: The Conjuration time for these spirits are very quick.  Shortly
after purchase your Companion Spirit will arrive.
Companion Spirits
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